Archetypal Alignment: Your Ideal Business Model VIP DAY

The path to success is to take massive, determined action.

- Tony Robbins

You, and your business, are not a repeatable formula.

You vibrate a unique genetic code and your mission here on earth follows an entirely original archetypal signature. Thus, whether you are a coach, an entrepreneur, a healer, or a service provider, your Ideal Business Model requires an investigation into and honoring of your soul-script.

Are you better suited in your public role as an Innovator, Builder, Advisor, or Evaluator?

Are you designed to empower and catalyze others, support the team, or share your wisdom and practical advice? As you act and interact in the workplace, should you inform others and then Just Go for What you Want!,” should you respond before engaging, or should you wait for recognition and invitation?

Astrology’s new cousin, Human Design, is an emergent system of self-awareness based entirely on the scientific principles of your unique genetic codes which answers these questions.

It describes what natural gifts and strengths you bring to career, what kinds of business models are most appropriate for your energy, and what particular characteristics will make you stand out as unique and sought after.

In Addition, your Astrological Birth Chart answers the following questions:

  • How do I BRAND myself in a way that fits my natural archetypes of impact and influence?
  • How do I recognize my Ideal Client and speak to the Ultimate Result for them?
  • What Timing is Optimum for my product launches, events, trainings, hirings?

Both Human Design and Astrology reflect back to you what kind of Premium Package or Signature Program you can create that will bring most abundance and maximize energy efficiency.

Most successful people have multiple coaches....because a coach is a sanctuary for your heart, and a trampoline for your dreams

- Annie Lalla and Eben Pagan

Astrology and Human Design Business Audit – Refine your Offers

Are you aligned with the business model that works for your unique archetypal signature?

In the 90 Day Business Boost and Income Attraction VIP DAY,  we chisel away the fluff, we ignore the overwhelming recommendations of all the gurus. Instead, we apply your unique Astrology or Human Design + essential coaching biz basics to break through the bottleneck most efficiently.

  • An immersive Day together.
  • 2 back-to-back 90 minute laser coaching sessions + 15 minute integration break
  • Focus on 2 key aspects of your business that you can develop over the next 90 days.
  • Strategy + Implementation ideal for you.

What we can focus on:

  • Sales + Email and Social Media Marketing aligned to your Archetypes
  • Your High Ticket Package you can create and offer now with ease
  • Soul-Purpose: Career Restructure and Reorientation aligned to your Design
  • How to Craft your Own VIP Day for a year end Cash Injection
  • Clarity on your Successful Niche
  • Drilling down into what your audience needs and sharing your expertise on it
  • Ideal Client Attraction and Lead Magnet creation
Want the 2 DAY VIP Upgrade? – double the time together and craft your Individual or Group Program – 3-10 K offer ready for the New Year! READ MORE BELOW

Availability: 4 sessions
Sales End Cyber Monday November 27, 2023

VIP 2 DAY UPGRADE Save Time and Attract in your True Self-Worth

If you want to create a 6 or 7 figure business with grace and flow, if you want the fast-track in declaring YES to your Success, then you are invited to a 2 DAY VIP curated just for you.

Archetypal Alignment: Your Ideal Business Model in a 2 Day Deep Dive

Stop playing small: Together we will create multiple options for Premium Packages you can offer to clients right away.

These are High-Ticket Offers ranging from $3000-$30,000.

You will pay for our work together with just one new client.

Leave these 2 VIP Days with:

Do not hesitate to shine your brightest light, and to make your biggest offer!

Availability: 4 sessions
Sales End Cyber Monday November 27, 2023

If you are serious about your success in 2024, then let’s journey together, painting the pathway towards prosperity and purpose in your sacred service…

Frequently Asked Questions

I need your birth date, time, and place, as well as a few paragraphs describing the nature of your business, any stuck points, as well as priorities, goals, and your larger vision which we will elaborate on during our session together. If you don’t have your birth time, not to worry, we can still do our VIP Day and craft your Ideal High-Ticket Business Model.

I invest many hours researching the core business archetypes and auspicious launch timing for you in both your Astrology and Human Design charts. When we meet, our journey together will last roughly 5 hours, with an organic flow over 2 sessions + our 30 minute Laser Coaching follow-up.

YES! We will arrange our schedules upon registration and find the best time to meet.


The monthly coaching calls are indeed, divine timing, as each session caters to whatever is “up” for me and my family. I have started a new business, relocated, chosen schools for my children and am planning my upcoming year based on the potent and valuable information VerDarluz has offered as a higher perspective of what needs attention in each area, and when. I cannot express the depth of my gratitude to VerDarLuz for his wise, compassionate, intuitive, empowering, supportive and nurturing guidance.

Heidi St. Rogers, Corona Del Mar, Mexico