AstroCartography Anecdotes: Where Will You Grow in 2018?

AstroLocality also known as AstroCartography, has been my astrological area of focus and research for 12 years now. Once I discovered AstroCartography at the beginning of my Astrology career, I was both impressed and inspired by the accuracy this tool had to describe my life experiences, relationships, and events living and traveling in different parts of the world.

At the beginning of the year, we start to ask WHERE can I grow the most this year? Perhaps we don’t feel quite so at home where we live, or maybe we cant’ seem to find the kind of work that fulfills our soul, or the community that inspires us, or the relationship that opens our heart.

Once we relocate your birth chart to different regions of the world, we can discover the various potential life circumstance there. The different planets, or intelligences inside of you, can grow in different capacities depending on our location. Also, certain places ‘call’ to us at certain times—the planets invite a particular kind of evolution depending on their cycles over regions of the earth. This Relocating Forecasting is called Cyclocartography, an important and often overlooked element of AstroCartography, and a big part of my work.

This last September I journeyed to my Venus line again, very strong in Lisbon, Portugal. (I posted a video about Venus lines, both famous and personal examples here) I had asked to offer some music at the Digital Nomad Conference, since their speaker line-up was full. But just a few weeks before the conference, I inquired if there was any space to give a quick download about my favorite astrology topic, AstroLocality, and surprisingly I was invited to give a full 90 minute workshop on the topic + play music.

The presentation + music resulted in a number of new clients and new friends. (Venus rules both social contacts and money, in addition to the arts). I even met someone in which there was a strong mutual attraction and she literally had 4 planets close to my Venus!! I also found the city of Lisbon and the extended region along the coast and in the fairy tale castle vortex of Sintra to be extremely beautiful—Venus/Aphrodite was of course, the goddess of beauty.

Just this last week, I was invited to be part of the House Band as well as offer personal consultations in Astrology and Human Design at a Tantra Festival in Portugal this coming Summer. Once again, my Venus is asked to shine in this area of the world, especially in her particular costume, Gemini, in my chart. I am speaking, teaching, performing, doing consultations (all Gemini traits). This also occurred in 2010, my first trip to Portugal, when I taught and read charts at the Boom Festival, and when I also began a significant relationship in my life.

Venus rules my 5th house as well, an area associated with romance, good luck, recreation, and creative self-expression—all of which have been quite strong themes along this line for me.

Where will you grow in 2018?

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