Find Your Power Places

Did you know that recent surveys have shown that people find Moving more stressful than divorce or becoming a parent?

This is where Astro-Locality can guide you gracefully and ease your stress.

What is AstroLocality?

AstroLocality or Locational Astrology is an emergent, evolutionary synthesis of Modern Astrology and Strategic Relocation. It describes how you interface with different geographies, what kinds of opportunities are present there for you, and what lessons and discoveries certain areas will offer you.

I prepare your charts and maps very thoroughly before we speak. I use many sets of technical AstroLocality influences including AstroCartography, Local Space, Parans, Cyclocartography, Geodetics, and Midpoints to give you the most accurate reading possible. Since 2006, I have focused my Astrological practice on this profound tool and hope to share it with you. An AstroLocality Consultation reveals:

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My AstroLocality session with VerDarLuz gave me clarity and guidance on where to live to grow my business, as well as for a love connection, and more. I REALLY appreciate that VerDarLuz is profoundly gifted and incredibly versed in so many complementary arts. Our session allowed me to understand my personal and professional TimeMapping, my AstroCartography, and both were and when my Divine Timing is.

Debbie Dachinger

Author, Media Coach, host of Dare to Dream podcast

How Does a Consultation work?

There are a few different options below for AstroLocality consulting to support your conscious travel and strategic relocation. You must provide your Birth Date, Time, and Place for accurate AstroLocality. If you do not have your birth time, please email me at to discuss our Chart Rectification service.

The Call to Adventure


A detailed exploration of your dominant energies and influences in 2 regions of the world.

The Vagabond Visionary

Was $497, Now $347 - thru Cyber Monday 2023

Explore 4 regions of the world & their planetary influences in depth.

**Please provide a paragraph with your top priorities and intentions for travel or relocation.

The Global Strategist

Was $1111, thru Cyber Monday 2023 Special: $555

A 2.5 hour exploration

A list of best places for each of the following 10 categories is produced:

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