Healing Samskaras and Evolving the Soul:

The Eclipses, Nodes, and Karmic Astrology 

Wednesday Feb. 7th

5.30pm pac, 6:30pm mtn, 7:30pm ctrl, 8:30 est

Recorded Teleclass

~How will these current Eclipses shift my life over the next 6 months?

~What karmic patterns do I bring in to this life?

~What characters are familiar in my soul and what archetypes will help unfold my destiny?

~What wounds from my soul’s history can I heal and what gifts can I reclaim?

The South and North Node are what we call the Karmic Axis in astrology, the pivot of the soul between lifetimes. Some astrologers feels the Nodes are the most important symbols in Astrology. Our destiny and spiritual development hinges on the symbols of the Lunar Nodes, and the Eclipses between Jan. 31-Feb. 15th are directly linked to the Nodes.

Join us as we explore:

  • -How The Current Solar and Lunar Eclipse window will affect you
  • -South Node and familiar soul-patterns (SAMSKARAS)
  • -Past Lives in the birth chart and Evolutionary Astrology
  • -North Node: Destiny and Dharma
  • -South and North Node through each Sign and House
  • -Soul Contracts: The Nodes in Relationship
  • -Rahu and Ketu: Myth of the Dragon’s Head and Tail
  • -The current nodal positions in Leo and Aquarius
  • -Personal Karmic Cycles: The Nodal Return and Reversal every 9 years.
  • -PERSONAL Interpretations of where the Eclipses impact your chart OR your personal Nodes by Sign and House***

*Call-in Info sent day of class

**If you can’t make it live, Teleclass is Recorded and sent out week of class.

***Leave birthdate/time/place upon registration for personal interpretation. Two options exist for interpretation: 1. The Nodes by Sign and House   2. The Current Eclipse cycles in your chat. If you want only one of these interpretations, select option 1 and leave a note with which choice you’d like.  If you want both, select option 2 below.