Wedsnesday August 30th

9 am PAC, 12 P EST, 5 UK

What’s your Digestion Type?

Learning to eat correctly is possibly the most important things you can do for your body. How to eat correctly is written in to your genetic code and translated by your Human Design bodygraph.

The Human Design System, which is a synthesis of various disciplines such as Astrology, the I Ching, Kabbalah, and the Chakra System, introduces the concept of Determination in relation to diet and digestion. This Determination aspect provides insight into how individuals can best digest food energetically and physically, and thereby also integrate experience and process information.

Join us for

Digestion by Design: Your Ideal Diet and The Pisces Full Moon Ecstatic Embodiment

In Part 1 of this workshop we will embody the Full Moon in Pisces through authentic movement –

Qi Gong and Dance for Virgo and Pisces


In Part 2 Learn about your unique Digestion Type, as well as all 12 genetic types for optimal Digestion. Bring your chart, a friend, or family member’s to learn more about the ideal diet—the approach to food and the most supportive environment to eat in. Learn about how others authentically approach food, eating, and digestion to live their most perfect day, again and again.

Honoring Mercury’s Retrograde in the most health conscious sign of the zodiac Virgo, we invite you to explore Diet by Design. Choose your option below and bring a friend for this donation-based class.

*Replay sent withing 24 hours.

**Instructions on accessing your Human Design Chart will be sent morning of class