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CelestiOwl – Live

Classical Guitar, Turkish Guitar, and Instrumental Shamanic Odyssey

CelestiOwl is a mythical prayerformance. Each song is a shamanic journey using masks, costuming, and ritual objects to invoke the flight between the underworlds, middleworlds, and upperworlds.  Instruments and Sound Healing include Classical Guitar, Turkish Guitar, Chimes, Crystal Bowls, Rattle, Bell-Stomp, Mini-HangDrum, and Shamanic Chanting

45-60 minute archetypal invocation and journey through the elements, chakras, and planets.

Turkish and Classical Guitar Albums –

Youtube – Live Guitar and Live DJ Sets

Guest Performer – Firefly – angelic female vocals.  LIVE collaboration here.

CelestiOwl – DJ    

3 Genres –

African and Middle Eastern Deep House – best in afternoon/early-mid evening sets

**includes live Turkish and Classical Guitar

Middle Eastern example

African House example

Melodic Techno/Deep House best in afternoon/early-mid-late evening sets.

Middle Eastern Bass/Trap sexy, deep, best at 11pm – 2am slots

**includes live Turkish Guitar


Bimonthly DJ for Rhythm Sanctuary, Ecstatic Dance – 2012-Present

– Sexsibility Festival, Angsbacka, Sweden – 2016

– Tantra Festival, Copenhagen, Denmark – 2016

– Ecstatic Dance, Warsaw, Poland – 2016

– Kalya Scintilla and EveOlution- 2015

– Sonic Bloom – 2014, 013, 2012, 2011

             – Arise – 2014

– Lightning in a Bottle – 2012


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VerDarLuz is a blessing to any community that is lucky enough to share time with him. The positive, synergistic effect he has on the communities he serves fosters emotional transformation through direct transmission, leaving audiences empowered and inspired. In Denver we are blessed a thousand-fold for the polyrhythmic layers and passion he brings to both his guitar and DJ offerings, and for the many ways he shows up in dedication to local and global evolution.

– Ahva Lenay

Rhythm Sanctuary Ecstatic Dance Ritual Midwife

ARISE Music Festival Co-ordinator

“I can really feel the deep textures of VerDarLuz’ soul when he plays and it allows me to access those same places of transformation.”         – Belinda

“Absolute wizardry on guitar, teleporting me to other places and times.” – Tessa

“This performance is captivating and intriguing…the dissonance holds a tension that is beautiful and the overall skill and underlying energy is powerful!” – Debra

“There is something truly unique and special during a ceremony of love and togetherness to have an incredible performer and songwriter sing a personalized and beautiful song. Ver’s contribution to our special day touched all hearts deeply.”   – Jodi

“Beautiful, melodic, sweet and unique: such a special and heart touching contribution to our wedding day.”      – Bodi