Soul Synergy: Your 7th House of Partnership

A special Valentine's Day Masterclass

Zoom link will be sent day of class and Replay sent on the following day. 

Before Venus enters the danger zone of her detriment in feisty and combative Aries on Feb. 21, she meets her soul companions this Valentine’s.

With Valentine’s Day at the exact moment of a magical and mythically infused Venus—Neptune conjunction in Venus’ glory, her exaltation in Pisces, it’s the perfect time to explore your recipe for compatibility and connection. How we synergize and how we understand our soul-contracts will be the focus of our workshop that day.

We will introduce the core elements of Relationship Astrology, such as Synastry, Composites, and Chart Transposition.

In Part 2 – MIRRORS –
1. Relationship Compatibility and Challenge for each Rising Sign.
2. The 7th House and Descendent in each Zodiac Archetype
3. Your unique Relationship “Style:” The 6 Axes of Authentic Relating

In Part 3 – PATTERNS –
Discover the Characters and Myths you consistently attract: Each Planet in the 7th house

Bring your chart and a current or former partner’s to elucidate your soul contracts and your path of harmony.
If you can’t be live and would like 1 chart explored you can send over your birth date, time, and place and we will discuss your seventh house.
See you for the mystic merger of Venus-Neptune Valentine’s medicine!