Evolutionary Intimacy

Relationship Coaching and Clarity for Couples and Individuals

In this consultation, we focus on either your Astrology or Human Design charts as a couple or honoring your relationship intention and partnership patterns as individual.


Chart comparison (Synastry) and Composite Charts (the Two as One) to:


VerDarLuz is more than an astrologer, he is a masterful artist in how he acquaints you with the nuances and intricacies of your soul’s chart, and brings you closer to your light and truth.  I recently had a partnership reading with my love.  We learned about individual needs and expressions, but also gained an in-depth spiritual understanding of the significance and meaning of our soul’s intertwined.  Just two months later, we were engaged.  This is the new and empowered version of “couples counseling!

J. Jessup & D. Schaner; Denver, CO