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6 Ways Parents can Use Astrology and Human Design to Support their Children and Upgrade their Family

In this holistic 75 minute Evolutionary Parenting consultation, we explore your child’s unique Astrology and Human Design codes to reveal the following:

—  What kinds of educational programs and curriculum will best support my child or classroom?

—   What is my child’s most efficient learning styles?

—  How can I support their primary emotional needs?

—  Could my child benefit best from Unschooling, Homeschooling, Montessori, Waldorf, Public, Private, or World Schooling?

—  What kinds of media, recreation, and activities will be most appropriate for my child’s self-discovery?

—  What natural rites of passage is my child about to go through and how can I facilitate their initiations in positive ways?

—  What are the optimal disciplinary techniques for my child?

—  Should my High Schooler go to college immediately after High School or be better served with Work, Volunteering, Travel?


“Thank you for sharing your teachings with us!! Over the past year – I have learned so much about myself, my family, and my clients Human Design. It has helped me have a better understanding about where they are coming from or how they process information; which has give me an excellent tool for greater communication, connection, and compassion with myself and family.”

~ Nicole House

“VerDarLuz has given us a world of insight into our 2 year old. His readings have given us knowledge that our little one could never have verbalized – about his learning style, strengths and weaknesses, and ways to help him thrive in partnership with us. I often refer back to the readings, discovering new gems each time that help me understand and communicate with him. This awareness in invaluable, and I would encourage anyone interested to begin this precious journey with Ver.”

~ Jamie Burke

“VerDarLuz’s coaching offered profound insights into the mysteries of my daughter’s inner psyche. I gained a deeper understanding of her soul’s evolutionary path, as well as some practical tools for navigating our journey together in a more harmonious way. I am incredibly grateful for the opportunity to receive such empowering information, so that I can tune in to the highest potential in my role as a guide for my children.”

~ Aja McAdams

Learn More About the 6 Class Training

Evolutionary Parenting & Revolutionary
Education with Astrology:

Supporting Our Cosmic Children as the New World Blossoms

A 2-month program which will help you with:

Attuned Communication

Use Mercurian energy and the AJNA center to communicate with your children in a highly attuned way. Discover your child’s learning style and use to convey wisdom and educate with ease.

Astrology & Human Design Based Parenting

Understand the unique energetic mark-up of your children and yourself to bring out the best in yourself as a parent and meet their needs on a deep level.

Healing Generational Wounds

Understand the contracts between your and your children’s Souls, how they influence purpose and passion, and heal past life trauma and karma to help heal generational wounds

Time Management Techniques

Strategies for family success in daily rhythms.