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Celestial Allies, Earth Guardians, Galactic Kindred

How will you Level Up and Lead in 2024?

How do we move from the Egoic “Me” to the Universal “We”?

2024 marks a massive transformation for planet earth as the entire model of leadership shifts—no longer based on top-down and bottom-line approaches. The archetype of the Mentor, Coach, and Spiritual Entrepreneur carries us into new dimensions of self-discovery and collective awakening.

In this 3 part Journey to integrate 2023 and prepare for 2024

Part 1

Year in Review / Gratitude Reflections

Part 2

2024 AstroNumerology Forecast

Part 3

Strategic Content Planning and Preparing: Quarter 1


In part 3, we will explore Quarter 1 of 2024, guided by the new 2024 Strategic Astro-Planner – a detailed content calendar and tracker for all areas of your life including work, love, family, vacations, health, and spiritual reflection
You will discover the peak dates and windows of opportunity for launching products and services, the most auspicious and challenging dates for travel or relocation, and how to create more time-freedom, efficiency, producttivity, and mental health through this planner.



$44 – includes AstroNumerology Personal Months and Years Class
$55 – includes AstroNumerology Personal Months and Years Class + Copy of the 2024 Astro Calendar and Planner

Donate $44 and Receive

AstroNumerology Success Codes: Your Personal Year Master Plan. You will be given information on your Personal Year for 2024. And then you will have access to a Zoom recording of the AstroNumerology MasterClass, a guide to your unique Personal Year and Months for 2024.

The Personal Year is the most important Numerology cycle of the year. It describes the terrain you will travel, the challenges and areas of growth ahead for you. It gives you the umbrella themes and master strategies for navigating the year ahead and is a perfect complement to integrating your Astrology cycles. The Personal Months describe in even greater detail the month by month focus to optimize your energy.