Relationship Wholeness Teleclass

Venus Retrograde, Your 7th House, and The Key to Compatibility 

Tuesday Oct. 30th

4.00 pm pac, 5:00 pm mtn, 6:00 pm ctrl, 7 pm est

Recorded Teleclass

With Venus Retrograde until Nov. 16th, followed by Mercury Retrograde beginning the same day, and this last summer’s Mars Retrograde, the Cosmos is juggling our emotions and reorienting our entire value system – demanding we master the Relationship Shadow, heal the inner wounds, and regenerate the archetypes of love, intimacy, and affection. Join us for this very special teleclass as you learn:

  • Reflections and Reorientation in Values
  • Mastering the shadow material in relationship
  • Venus Retrograde in Scorpio and Libra
  • Harnessing the Dark Goddess, esp. Kali as current cosmic Guide
  • Sacred Intimacy practice for Scorpio
  • Tantric technique for Libra
  • The Special vs. The Holy Relationship
  • Tending and Healing Intimacy wounds
  • Compatibility and Your Astrological 7th House
  • How to find the Archetypes of Partnership in your Chart
  • Consistent Characters you Attract: Planets in your 7th House
  • Essential Relationship Astrology
  • Compatibility and Your Astrological 7th House
  • Relationship Cycles: Transits to your 7th House
  • Handfasting and Alternative Models of Commitment
  • Personal Interpretation 1 – Venus Retrograde in your Chart
  • Personal Interpretation 2 – Planets in your 7th House
  • Personal Interpretation 3 – Signs in your 7th house


*If you can’t make the live class, the recording will be sent out the week of class.

**Call-In Info sent day of class.


You have 4 options in this class to tailor your learning. You can choose the single class or 1, 2, or 3 personal interpretations. Just send which Interpretation you prefer from the list above.

Solo Class – $35

1 Interpretation- $55

2 Interpretations – $65

All Personal Interpretations: – -$75

Select your option below. Class is limited to 15 participants, so if you have interest, please enroll immediately.

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