Human Design Empowerment

An emerging system of holistic self-awareness incorporating 4 ancient modalities, we can explore your Human Design for both Personal Development and Professional Success.

Personal Development

  • The patterns of energy that reliably define you, on the genetic level.
  • Discover your Strategies for confident decision-making with your Energy Type, Inner Authority, Personal Profile
  • Understand the environmental influences and conditioning elements in your life.
  • Learn the healthiest way to utilize your personal energy for maximum results.
  • The underlying mechanics of your Type that can lead to unexpected success, satisfaction, and peace of mind.
  • Navigate personal and professional relationships with more authenticity and compassion

Business Success and Professional Growth

  • Discover if you are naturally a Builder, an Innovator, a Catalyzer, an Advisor, or an Evaluator.

  • Clarify your consistent approaches to and most efficient ways of entering and sustaining your relationship, career, and projects

  • Discover how to know immediately when you are on‐track or off‐ track in major career decisions: where your “go-to” center, your inner authority is, for making your move..

  • How do I BRAND myself in a way that feels organic, flowing, and connects me to my natural archetypes of success?

  • Understand the Public Persona that helps clients truly hear your message and be ready and excited to hire you

  • What are your natural strengths on your path to prosperity?

  • How do I recognize my Ideal Client and speak to the Ultimate Result for them?

  • Understand your ideal work environment to maximize efficiency and avoid distraction.

My timemapping astrology and human-design session with VerDarluz helped me get clarity in several foggy areas of my life.  With so much energy on certain aspects, I needed an outside perspective. The work helped me see the ways I was feeling stuck in my life.  Once I reclaimed my essential nature through this birth chart reflection, my whole life experience shifted.

Natalie Cutsforth, Oregon