Jupiter in Taurus Reading

•  A comprehensive 30-minute audio session dedicated to exploring the one-year transit of Jupiter through Taurus. We will delve into the various opportunities to watch for, where expansion will occur, and how to harness the abundance, as well as potential challenges to be aware of.
• An in-depth analysis of your Taurus-ruled house, along with an examination of your natal Jupiter and natal Venus. By identifying patterns, we can shed light on how this transit will create fertile ground for creativity, financial growth, wisdom-seeking, and the pursuit of pleasure.
• We will look at how both the Nodal Transits and Mercury’s Retrograde through this house has set you up for Jupiter’s joyful journey through this house and any Taurus planets of your life.
• I will also provide insights into the very inspiring and auspicious Jupiter-North Node conjunction taking place on June 1 & 2. This celestial event offers a unique chance for personal growth and aligning with your evolutionary path. Additionally, we will explore your natal Nodal Axis of Evolution for further understanding.
• As a valuable resource, you will receive a PDF containing detailed notes and journal prompts. This will allow you to continue reflecting on the reading and explore the messages your soul is calling for you to be aware of during this transformative period.
• I will also share mantras for you from various tradition to invoke abundance, bounty, prosperity it’s called Jupiter in Taurus mini reading, recorded mp4 – limited to 5 consultations. Offer ends 5/20.