Live Guitar and DJ AstroDance Class:

Embody the Zodiac!

TUESDAY August 18

10 AM PDT, 1PM EDT, 6pm UK – ZOOM


Astrology is not just up in the stars – it’s right here in our bodies!!  This 90 minute archetypal embodiment workshop will guide you on how to celebrate all 12 astrological signs through an inspired, playful practice.

We begin with Warm-up movements and Zodiac Qi Gong practice that open each part of the body through its astrological correspondences.

Participants are then guided on an Evolutionary Ecstatic Dance journey through the zodiac, across various genres of dance music and live Classical and Ambient Guitar music, playing and expressing the archetypes through authentic movement. You will unleash the wild, the sacred, the vagabond, the passionate, the magical as the archetypes flow through in this cathartic expression of your Sun, Moon, Rising signs and entire chart. AstroDance is a fun, intuitive, and deeply embodied integration of the 12 Signs of the Zodiac and how they interact with each other.

If you can’t join us live for the class, no worries!! All students will receive the full recording of the class.

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