Mastering the Emotional Body:

Human Design’s Wisdom   


Tuesday Feb. 4th

2pm-4pm EST, 11-1 PAC

Emotions are one of the biggest conditioning forces on the planet. Think back to a time where your emotions swept you away. You said something you wish you could take back or did something that caused huge misunderstandings and heartache from an intense emotional reaction.

With the hectic and accelerated pace of today’s world, emotional roller-coasters have become the norm as plans change in an instant and relationships shift almost as quickly. Dreams too are born and broken before even being attempted. Emotional chaos can lead to bad decisions, lost fortunes, panic, stress, and illness.

On the level of professional life and business, learning to navigate the waves and mechanics of Emotional Intelligence can be the difference between attracting abundance consistently by making the correct decisions from a place of clarity or missed opportunities lost in an emotional storm of confusion and distress.

Especially now, during 2020’s intense and challenging Saturn-Pluto cycle, we are being invited to monitor our emotional reactions and their consequences. Shadow Work involves sourcing out the root causes, many unconscious—for our irritations, control issues, and resistances. Our emotional tendencies can be located in the patterns of our genes, and Human Design is a tool that demonstrates just how we express our genetic codes.

We invite you to join us for 

Mastering the Emotional Body: Wisdom from your Human Design

**This workshop will teach you about your specific Human Design.** 

Every participant will receive a JPG copy of their Design. 

To receive this you must send in your birth date, time, and place. You can also ask for a chart of a friend, family member, or colleague to be explored for an additional cost – please send birth information.


In this workshop, you will discover:

  • How the Solar Plexus center reflects your unique path to expressing Emotional Intelligence.
  • Learn how to understand and identify the different waves of emotions – Individual, Collective, and Tribal – and what wave you ride.
  • Discover how to wait for Emotional Clarity to find your Inner Truth.
  • How can you PROFIT and SERVE the World from the open Solar Plexus?
  • Learn to become the objective observer of your emotions and the emotions of those around you.
  • Quickly recognize when you are not waiting for emotional clarity and reacting to your emotions in unhealthy ways.
  • Understand the emotional fears and nervousness that can throw us off track and distract us from our true purpose.
  • Discover the 7 primary Emotional Archetypes 7 Channels or Emotional Strengths.
  • Learn each of the 7 Emotional CHARACTER TRAITS and whether you have them genetically defined or open.
  • Apply this wisdom to relationships and career.
  • Share your personal experiences and take in the personal experiences of others.

*If you can’t make the live call, the RECORDED Webinar will be sent out the following day. 

**This class is for Beginner and Intermediate Human Design students, no previous experience is necessary.


   $55 or add an *extra chart for $20 more


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