AstroMythology: Memoir Embodied—
Transformative Writing,
Therapeutic Movement
March 6 - April 3, 2024

“Mythic imagination can break the spell of time and open us to a level of life that remains timeless. Myth is not about what happened in past times; myth is about what happens to people all of the time.”

Michael Meade

AstroMythology: Memoir Embodied—Transformative Writing, Therapeutic Movement is a creative cauldron to explore our personal mythos. This course provides a container for Archetypal Therapy, involving your own unique recipe of Spontaneous Writing, Micro-memoir reflections, Drawing/Painting, Astro-Drama and Movement. It is an opportunity to relieve yourself of distraction, and focus your attention on your soul—its longings and lingerings, and the threads of meaning woven throughout.  
Pisces season is the time to integrate, to remember, to constellate synchronicity in our lives, to starrytell the signs we were given all the way along if we could just slow down enough to notice.
This course and community of seekers and supporters is an opportunity for Reflection, Contemplation, Journaling, Writing, Artistic creation, and Somatic/Body Awareness.
You will discover the sacred map of your life through Planetary Return Cycles. As we return to cycles and the experiences, the people, the sensations, the consciousness we inhabited at that time, we will also prepare to meet future cycles in our lives. We will also connect with our mythical and sacred selves through their key astrological symbol—your specific Asteroids.
We will also invite the sacred texts and various religious scriptures to inspire our poetic reflections.
And we will create a music playlist of our life to starrytell our life’s journey through song.

🌈 What We will Explore in these 5 Weeks

  • In four 2 hour live zoom calls, and 1 recorded session, we will journey together over 5 weeks, through March and early April, just as we enter the Eclipse Season, when the karmic doorways open, we cleanse the soul and the portals of evolution illuminate our paths forward.
  • Each of these classes will help support a deeper relationship with your Daimon and Muse – the inner self, the perfect nature, your Genius, your Guide.
  • Through meditation, reflective writing, embodiment, group reading you will discover the larger soul-narrative at play at your most important life pivots, held by a safe, nurturing community.
  • You will be guided by VerDarLuz’ original compositions of ambient soundscapes and contemplative music to support both your Writing, Visual Creations, and Embodiment.
  • You are not be required to draw or dance, but you will be invited to allow the prompts to guide you there if you are called, in addition to the writing. This is YOUR space.

“We should write because humans are spiritual beings and writing is a powerful form of prayer and meditation, connecting us both to our own insights and to a higher and deeper level of inner guidance.”― Julia Cameron

💡Core Components

In essence, this class merges Evolutionary Astrology, Logotherapy, Narrative Therapy, Art/Somatic Therapy, and Archetypal Psychology
Archetypal Psychology/Astrology – Planetary cycles function as journeys of archetypal initiation. Following on the work of James Hillman, we can see these initiations in the light of an image calling us, a sublime orchestration, a sacred relation to our Daimon, our higher self.
Narrative Therapy – Writing to heal and integration. The importance of framing our lives through a story of signs, symbols, as synchronicities, and larger poetry of purpose guided by our higher self.
Music and Somatic Therapy – Practices of Embodiment: including Contemplative Listening, Intuitive Dance, Breathwork, and Astro-drama/Psychodrama to allow ourselves to channel and witness planetary rites of passage—both traumas and triumphs—we have undergone in our lives.
Logotherapy – Victor Frankl’s profound psychological school focused on finding Meaning in our lives. Learning to frame our lives with an attitude of optimistic revelation and epiphany

“Psychologists of the 21st century will look back at therapists today not using astrology as neglecting the structure that bound all meaning together.” – Richard Tarnas, Astrologer and Author Cosmos and Psyche

💡 Curriculum

  • MARCH 6 – LIVE CLASS 1 🌟 Callings: Awakening your Genius through Micro-Memoir and Flash Non-Fiction techniques.
  • Learn various short writing forms like Lyric Essay, Hermit Crab, and Flash to open the heart to slow down, reflect, remember, integrate. Writing therapy prompts and exercises to support mental health, self-care, affirmation, and gratitude.
  • MARCH 13 – LIVE CLASS 2 🌟 Honoring your Initiations Part 1: Planetary Rites of Passage
  • Write, Embody, and Astro-drama into the most significant ages of lives, governed by certain archetypal signatures and structures given by the planets.
  • MARCH 20 LIVE CLASS 3 🌟Honoring your Initiations Part 2: Planetary Rites of Passage + Writing with Scripture. As we invite in more planetary cycles reflections, we also journey into a few key passages from sacred texts. We relax, open our channels, and allow the divine presence through various lineages of holy verse and inspired poetry.
  • MARCH 27 CLASS 4🌟 Recorded Video sent with writing therapy prompts + Create the Playlist of your Life.
  • April 3 LIVE CLASS 5 – The MYTHS you BREATHE  🌟Discover some of the most significant asteroids in your individual birth chart. Unhinge these characters. Discover their mythical narratives and how they fashion many of your life experiences, desires, and relational encounters.

🌟AstroShamanism: Memoir Embodied
Writing to Heal,
Movement as Therapy

Date: Wednesdays March 6 – April 3
Time: 10a-12p PST, 1-3p EST, 6-8p UK

*Register Early: Class Size Limited to 10 students for personalized attention

“Living myth is about the experience of the waters parting again in the here and now. As a critical moment opens before us the spirit of life and genius of the soul speaks to us and through us. What was about to crush us suddenly parts before us and we shoot forward with the sudden vitality of life, fueled by the living imagination needed to survive.”
Michael Meade, The Genius Myth

PAYMENT OPTIONS – Full Class or Full Class with Sadaqah.
If you would like to join the class and offer Charity or Benevolence, known as sadaqah in the Islamic world, your extra donation will go to some of the organizations that Divine Timing Coaching supports: Global Giving, Islamic Relief Fund, KIVA, Playing for Change, Pencils of Promise


Full 5 Week Class - $195

Full 5 Week Class + Sadaqah Charity - $247

“So what songs grace the Playlist of your Life?” she asks.
And before she could dot the period on my question mark, and cap the pyramid in my heart, I drop to my knees, bow my head to kiss the earth, and at the altar of her voice, fall in love, forever, with her Muse….

Client Testimonials

Rebecca, Georgia, USA

The monthly coaching calls are indeed, divine timing, as each session caters to whatever is “up” for me and my family. I have started a new business, relocated, chosen schools for my children and am planning my upcoming year based on the potent and valuable information VerDarluz has offered as a higher perspective of what needs attention in each area, and when. I cannot express the depth of my gratitude to VerDarLuz for his wise, compassionate, intuitive, empowering, supportive and nurturing guidance.

Heidi St. Rogers, Corona Del Mar, Mexico

My experience with VerDarLuz has been transformative, grounding, and constructive. Through his guidance I have been able to deepen and attune my inner voice and create vision for the future. I feel our sessions have guided me in extremely productive ways that are beneficial to my business and life.

Marisa Espinoza, Owner: Libelle Body, Bay Area
Tim Brahier, Denver, CO

“VerDarLuz is a well of knowledge when it comes to Astrology and Human Design. I have had readings from him and participated in his Human Design Teleclass. After these sessions, I felt optimistic and peaceful about my current position and had more awareness about myself giving me confidence to move forward in my life. His teaching style is engaging, thorough, and clear. It is always a pleasure to work with Ver, and I look forward to future sessions!”

– Aurelia Hunter, Holistic Health Counselor, Certified Shamanic Practitioner

VerDarLuz weaves together the major aspects of astrology in such a skillful and interesting way that at last I’ve been able to make sense of and absorb the information.  Ver is a master teacher.  One may learn much about devotion to purpose by attending his classes and performances.  ’Impeccable’ in regard to both his planned presentations and improvisational performances readily comes to mind.

Mary Wheeler, Madison, WI

My timemapping astrology and human-design session with VerDarluz helped me get clarity in several foggy areas of my life.  With so much energy on certain aspects, I needed an outside perspective. The work helped me see the ways I was feeling stuck in my life.  Once I reclaimed my essential nature through this birth chart reflection, my whole life experience shifted.

Natalie Cutsforth, Oregon

I hope one day, in my own astrological craft, I can affect someone with this much profundity and essentially validate their state of being, in the way VerDarLuz’s words do to me. Ver’s deep insights are so brilliantly synchronous to my inner experience.

Sabrina Ourania Kheradmand, Yoga teacher and student California Institute of Integral Studies