Astrological Insights on Coronavirus

+ Saturn in Aquarius

TUESDAY Mar. 24th, 2020
11:00am PAC, 12p MTN, 1p CTRL, 2p EST

Beginning in 2020 and lasting until March 2023, a new cycle begins with Grandfather of discipline, nose-to-the-grind, lord of accomplishment and time, Saturn, as he transits the revolutionary sign of Aquarius.

Most dynamic for Aquarius, Leo, Taurus, and Scorpio types, this transit will be a cycle of intense maturity and serious structuring of life for all of us, begging reinvention, innovation, and issues in politics and society with technology’s omnipresence, in addition to shaking the foundations of government, money, and the social contract.

We see the correspondence of the Coronavirus exactly with Saturn’s transition to Aquarius. What other cosmic factors represent the worldwide pandemic and intense fear and how can we transform the dense vibration into a new collective purpose and responsibility? What hidden opportunities are treasures waiting to be discovered in this global crisis? How can we use techniques, meditations, and practices from Stoic philosophy and Tantra Yoga to combat the fear and embrace this moment?

 To honor this Saturn shift, join us for the 2 hour Recorded Masterclass Webinar: PERSPECTIVE – Astrological Insights on Coronavirus + Saturn in Aquarius, which includes personal interpretations of Saturn shaping your chart in the next 3 years.

  • Saturn-Pluto’s Quarantine, Isolation, and Restriction themes and Historical Correspondences
  • Economic recession, and repetitions of 2008 and 2001
  • Stoic Philosophy principles of ethics to help navigate.
  • Tantra Yoga perspectives to embrace the current crisis.
  • Uranus demanding a complete change of Values and Financial Strategies
  • The Evolution of Family, the halting of Ambition
  • New potentials in Home Schooling
  • Moving from frequencies of Fear to Love to new creative possibilities
  • Symbols and Signs of Air Travel Restriction, border closure, and event cancellation
  • Forecasting the Pandemic – Upcoming 2020 Cycles
  • How Summer’s Venus and Mars Retrograde, and Eclipse Cycles may impact the virus


  • Reflecting and Integrating Saturn in Capricorn
  • Seeding 2021 – An Entire new Era with Jupiter and Saturn in Aquarius
  • Saturn in Aquarius – A New Cycle of Revolution and Evolution
  • Massive Structural Shifts, Rebellious Group Movements, and Collectivist Ideals
  • The Air Element and Aquarius issues including Technology, Surveillance, Virus, Community, and Alternative Currency
  • Signs most affected by Saturn in Aquarius, esp. Leo, Taurus, Scorpio
  • Saturn in Aquarius – a Change in Strategies for Success in Business and Personal Relationships

***Personal Interpretations of Saturn’s new movement in your chart

  • What area of life will require hard work, commitment, and the building of sustainable systems?
  • What parts of your soul will experience a need for discipline, intense challenge, and potential reward?

*All class participants will receive a recording of the call, so if you can’t make it live, no worries. Upon registering, send your birth data to, including birth date/time/place for the personal interpretations. This is required the day before the class to receive interpretation.

**Call-in info sent by email day of registration.

Saturn in Aquarius