Planetary Rites of Passage: Integrating Life Cycles of Initiation

A Full Moon in Aquarius Masterclass

August 2nd, WEDNESDAY

11 am PST, 2 pm EST, 7 pm UK

What are the most important ages of our lives, the ages, that mark new stages of soul-development?

What initiatory cycles are currently governing the dominant themes of your life, your children’s, your friends?

You have either just come out of, are currently immersed in, or are about to enter a “planetary rite of passage”—an initiation cycle from an aspect of your higher self through the movements of the Planets. Cycles such as the Saturn Return, Pluto Square, or Uranus Opposition are important pivots in our life orientation, spiritual growth, and professional development.

In this 2 hour experiential workshop:

    • Understand the mythical map of your life. Discover the most important ages of your 30s, 40s, 50s, 60s, and 70’s through Planetary Returns and Rites of Passage.
    • Learn how each Planet functions as an Initiator, Guide, and Ally on your Hero’s Journey.
    • Discover exactly where your children, romantic partner, friends, colleagues, and parents are in their Initiation cycles.
    • Learn about expansive Jupiter Returns, Saturn oppositions and returns, the Nodal evolutionary test, the massive midlife portals of Uranus, Neptune, Pluto, and Chiron, and what cycles will usher you into elderhood.
    • Study your previous rites of passage and bring healing and understanding to moments that may have been traumatic as we write about and reflect on a few of these key cycles of youth and early adulthood
    •  Allow full integration of these cycles as we embody the energy of the planet through guided movement.
    • Replay sent within 24 hours after class.
    • **If you are interested in exploring other current cycles, choose the upgrade option below for a 30 minute Recorded Forecast, sent within a week of class. You can also send a paragraph with any area of life you’d like to focus on for this forecast.

Of all the material I have written and taught about since 2006, I feel this material is one of the most revealing for creating empathy with those around us, as well as for understanding Time-As-Sacred and our human lives as extensions of the cosmic starchitecture. 

Besides Evolutionary Astrology’s perspectives in guiding us to identify patterns and themes, the “language of our stars” also functions therapeutically to challenge limiting beliefs. Specifically Evolutionary Astrology follows the dictum of pronoia—that every experience is helpful and can assist individuals to reframe previous experiences—thereby transmuting what was conceived and experienced as traumas into essential life lessons. When we study earlier planetary cycles, we discover the initiatory nature of each planet as a teacher on our unfolding journey of evolution and soul-growth.

Join us as for the Full Moon in Aquarius as we integrate our Planetary Rites of Passage.