ALIGN with your HUMAN DESIGN-  Black Friday and Holiday Sales Strategies

ALIGN with your HUMAN DESIGN- Black Friday and Holiday Sales Strategies


As we gear up for the busiest and most exciting sales season of the year, we’re thrilled to invite you to an exclusive Pop-Up Webinar: “Black Friday and Holiday Sales Strategies – Your Human Design Guide”. This special event is designed specifically for entrepreneurs and coaches like you, who seek to harmonize their business practices with their innate Human Design Type, Strategy, and Inner Authority, which are the pillars upon which to build your successful Sales Strategy, Email Marketing, and Social Media Promotions. 

Whether you’re a Manifestor, Generator, Manifesting Generator, Projector, or Reflector – you will be guided to harness your unique strengths to maximize your holiday sales impact. We’ll explore how your Inner Authority, be it Emotional, Sacral, Splenic, or any other, can optimize your business decision-making and BOTH your Email and Social Media marketing approach, ensuring that your strategies resonate authentically with your own voice, with your customers, and your business ethos.

**This workshop will have limited spaces to maximize personal attention on your business**

On this 2 hour immersion:

  • Which Social Media Platforms will work best for your Type and Authority, securing your ability to maximize your impact, attract your ideal clients, and not burn you out?

  • Gain clarity on how to speak  to your premium clients and focus on the ultimate result your client needs 

  • The most important Channel in your Design that will maximise your Sales Success

  • Why you need to build the buzz – How to pre-sell your clients on your holiday offers

  • 7 Tested Strategies to Sell More between Black Friday and Cyber Monday

  • The Difference between Audience Growing Offers and Money Making Offers

  • 3 High Ticket Offers you can make Right Now to your Audience to 2-5x your year end sales

    If you don’t have your Design, send your birth date, time, and place when you register and we’ll send that to you before the workshop.

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