StarSeed Astrology

Natal Charts and Forecasting 

Understand your Soul’s motivations for growth and discovery and how to evolve your patterns in career, finances, relationships, and spiritual growth as we utilize techniques from various schools of Astrology:
  • Traditional Hellenisitic
  • Evolutionary Astrology
  • Shamanic Astrology
  • Experiential Astrology
We can also focus sessions on more esoteric and mythic aspects of Astrology: 
  • The Web of your Spirit: Your Fixed Stars 
  • Mythic Medicine: Your Asteroids
  • Sabian Symbols: The Vision of your Soul
Discover your most important current and upcoming CYCLES of growth, change, and alignment, and when to take advantage of opportunities, as we employ many predictive astrology techniques to reveal the unfolding patterns, including Transits, Progressions, Profections, and Solar Returns.