🌌 Astro-Match Playshop:
Love, Planets, and the Compatibility Key🌌
June 5th, 2024

“To find the Beloved you must become the Beloved.” – Rumi

🌟 Explore the Patterns of Attraction in Your Life

Do you feel drawn to evolve your approach to relationships? 
Are you eager to connect with kindred spirits who share your desire for deeper, more meaningful partnerships? 
Would you like to be guided by ancient wisdom, modern assessment tools, and innovative tech to find fulfilling relationships?
If you’re intrigued by the idea of blending ancient wisdom with modern tools to enrich your romantic life, this webinar is designed just for you.

🌟 Conscious Connecting: A Unique Journey Beyond the Conventional

Each week unveils the countless beautiful connections and creative opportunities available to us. That’s why we are thrilled to offer an experience unlike any other. Forget the usual Zoom sessions; join us as we step into an innovative new platform where the Zodiac comes alive. Explore virtual room each intricately crafted to represent the astrological signs, providing a rich, immersive experience in Astrological compatibility

🌟Interactive and Insightful Sessions

As part of our journey, you’ll engage in group and one-on-one sessions with inspiring individuals from across the globe. These interactions are designed to help you understand the romantic and partnering qualities specific to each zodiac sign. Prepare to meet and mingle with souls whose energies resonate with yours, all in a setting that encourages open-hearted connections and cosmic collaboration.

👉 What You’ll Experience:

    • 🌙 Pattern Recognition: Learn how to recognize your romantic patterns and discover what your soul is calling in now.
    • 💕 Emotional Support Pathways: See how Relationship Astrology guides you to emotional safety and security.
    • 🎆 Beyond the Sun Sign: Explore 5 key  astrological symbols for dating success, intimacy, and sustainable partnerships.
    • ⏳ The Timing of Love: Understand why timing is critical in finding and sustaining love.
    • 🧠 Data-Driven Love: Dive into how Psychometric Analysis and Astrological Charts reveal deep compatibilities.
    • 📊 Personality Insights: Gain clarity on your behavioral patterns through a brief personality test to enhance your love life.
    • 🔥 Personal Guidance: Get personalized relationship advice in intimate sessions with Alison and be guided through your astrological love dynamics by VerDarLuz.

Why Attend?

As we apply a multi-systematic approach to relationships, we discover how to better harmonize with each other—how to be more efficient and directed with our energy, and how to be both more mindful and playful with each other.

This event will be a seed, a portal for other singles and couples events, business collaborations, and more discoveries of the deep bonds we share and can forge to grow and give to each other.

We are so excited to share this with you.

Because of the size of the virtual rooms, there are limited number of tickets, so click below to register and share with your best friends and single mates. <3

Answer: We will be offering a couples event early summer so send an email to alison@path2love.com to reserve your spot for then!

🤝 Join Us:


💲 Cost: Donate $10-$50, Suggested Offering $30

🌌 Astro-Match Playshop: Love, Planets, and the Compatibility Key🌌

Wednesday, June 5th, 2024
10 am PST, 1pm EST, 6pm UK
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This Workshop is Perfect For:

  • Singles and couples looking for innovative ways to understand and improve their relationships.
  • Those curious about astrology and its practical applications in conscious relating
  • Anyone seeking a playful, enlightening approach to finding love and creating meaningful connections.

Your Hosts:

Alison Verge

Certified Sexologist, Dating, Author, and Relationship Coach, empowers high achievers with emotionally guarded hearts to unlock a thriving love life.

Using cutting-edge exercises and evidence-based techniques, Alison guides singles to lasting partnerships and helps couples deepen intimacy and communication. 

Her Path2love Mastery App features a network of experts, offering comprehensive tools for whole-life wellness on your journey to love mastery. Explore transformative resources, detox your love life for free, or book a complimentary consultation at https://linktr.ee/path2lovecoaching


After his double lung collapse at the tender age of 17, VerDarLuz committed to Seize the Day and take the deep dive into life. A traveler to 45 countries, author of three books Codex of the Soul, Aquarius Dawns, Zodiac Shadow-Play, and creator of Divine Timing Online School and the course Evolving Intimacy with Tantric Astrology, VerDarLuz uniquely blends systems of self-awareness—such as Astrology, Human Design, and Shamanic Therapies—into his holistic Life and Business Coaching practice.

He teaches entrepreneurs, families, and couples how to honor and integrate their core patterns and archetypes. VerDarLuz empowers clients by helping them strategize the WHEN and WHERE of life: Optimal Time-mapping and Astro-Locality Power Places, as well as the WHO – harmonic relating, in both love and business. Since 2006, he has translated the occult and complex into a pragmatic language through his down-to-earth and playful speaking style. VerDarLuz facilitates transformational workshops involving Astrology, Conscious Relating, Keynote Concerts, Breathwork, Dance, and Shamanic healing worldwide.


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🌌 Astro-Match Playshop: Love, Planets, and the Compatibility Key 🌌- Donate: $10-$50, Suggested Offering $30

Client Testimonials

Rebecca, Georgia, USA

The monthly coaching calls are indeed, divine timing, as each session caters to whatever is “up” for me and my family. I have started a new business, relocated, chosen schools for my children and am planning my upcoming year based on the potent and valuable information VerDarluz has offered as a higher perspective of what needs attention in each area, and when. I cannot express the depth of my gratitude to VerDarLuz for his wise, compassionate, intuitive, empowering, supportive and nurturing guidance.

Heidi St. Rogers, Corona Del Mar, Mexico

My experience with VerDarLuz has been transformative, grounding, and constructive. Through his guidance I have been able to deepen and attune my inner voice and create vision for the future. I feel our sessions have guided me in extremely productive ways that are beneficial to my business and life.

Marisa Espinoza, Owner: Libelle Body, Bay Area
Tim Brahier, Denver, CO

“VerDarLuz is a well of knowledge when it comes to Astrology and Human Design. I have had readings from him and participated in his Human Design Teleclass. After these sessions, I felt optimistic and peaceful about my current position and had more awareness about myself giving me confidence to move forward in my life. His teaching style is engaging, thorough, and clear. It is always a pleasure to work with Ver, and I look forward to future sessions!”

– Aurelia Hunter, Holistic Health Counselor, Certified Shamanic Practitioner

VerDarLuz weaves together the major aspects of astrology in such a skillful and interesting way that at last I’ve been able to make sense of and absorb the information.  Ver is a master teacher.  One may learn much about devotion to purpose by attending his classes and performances.  ’Impeccable’ in regard to both his planned presentations and improvisational performances readily comes to mind.

Mary Wheeler, Madison, WI

My timemapping astrology and human-design session with VerDarluz helped me get clarity in several foggy areas of my life.  With so much energy on certain aspects, I needed an outside perspective. The work helped me see the ways I was feeling stuck in my life.  Once I reclaimed my essential nature through this birth chart reflection, my whole life experience shifted.

Natalie Cutsforth, Oregon

I hope one day, in my own astrological craft, I can affect someone with this much profundity and essentially validate their state of being, in the way VerDarLuz’s words do to me. Ver’s deep insights are so brilliantly synchronous to my inner experience.

Sabrina Ourania Kheradmand, Yoga teacher and student California Institute of Integral Studies