Electional Astrology has nothing to do with politics, but is instead one of the oldest and most universal applications of Astrology. Electional Astrology and Divine Timing’s signature TimeMapping service describes the most auspicious moments for an action or enterprise. If you want a specific outcome, then we want to find the best possible DATE and TIME for this event to occur. When should Electional Astrology be employed?

  • Launching a product, service, or website
  • Signing of major contracts
  • Investing
  • Hiring or letting go of employees
  • Sacred rites such as Weddings
  • Beginning of travel or journeys

*If interested in this consultation, please send an email to verdarluz@gmail.com with your birth date, time, and place, in addition to the incorporation date and first sale date of your business if this is regarding a business decision. We will then begin a dialogue about this service to give you the most accurate consultation and greatest support for success possible.