JOHNNY DEPP  in  LOS ANGELES (34N03 08, 118W14 34)

Chart Details:

Johnny Depp – Natal Chart

Jun 9 1963  8:44 AM  CST +6:00

owensboro,  37N46 27 087W06 48

Mean Node


This report explores the potential energies available for you in any particular location in the world. The report has evolved from a technique called astro-mapping, which overlays your chart on a map of the world using various methods. This overlay means that certain planets will be stronger in particular geographical areas. Through interpreting these planetary energies we can have an astrological map that tells us the best place to apply for promotions, to go on holidays, to meet lovers, and to live more fulfilled lives in the areas that are important to us.

The different lines listed in this report include Planet/Angle , Planet Direction and Paran lines.

Planet/Angle Lines describe where on the Earth individual planets or stars are culminating or anticulminating (or on the Midheaven and Imum Coeli) or are rising or setting (or on the Ascendant or Descendant). The Culminate/Anticulminate and MC/IC lines are always lines of longitude, whereas the rising/setting and Asc/Dsc lines are great circles around the globe and appear to curve on a map viewed in Cartesian or Mercator projection.

Planet Direction or Local Space Lines indicate the direction in which planets or stars are found when looking from the chart’s location. These lines are great circles around the globe, starting from the chart’s location. The common convention is to continue the line right around the world, back to the starting location. When viewed in Cartesian or Mercator projection, these lines generally appear to curve.

Paran Lines are lines of latitude, indicating where any two astronomical bodies (eg. planets or stars) are in an angular relationship that coincides with the angular relationship between the meridian and horizon at that latitude. For example, if the angle between the Sun and Saturn is the same as that between the meridian and the horizon, for particular latitude, then there is a paran line for the Sun Culminating/Saturn Rising along that latitude.

Let the explorations begin.


Maximum Orb Used: 10°00′

The Moon – Set Line (Orb 1°04′: Strong Influence)

Your bonds with loved ones fluctuate as they are tested along this line. You crave a close personal bond with a marriage partner and family members. All is fine when these important people return your feelings, however; sometimes you feel that your needs are not being respected. You may feel that you are pouring time and energy into personal relationships, but others are not reciprocating. This is possibly true. In some cases it also possible that you have moved away from supportive friends and family and are homesick. Hence your efforts to strike new bonds are taking longer than you would wish. The problem lies in the fact that you are giving too much. You are focussed on the needs of other people rather than on nurturing your own interests. Whether you are in a stable marriage or seeking a marriage partner, you need to ensure that you are being true to your self. There is a danger that you will place more emphasis on your partner’s needs than your own in an effort to satisfy your craving for togetherness. In other words your self-sufficiency is sacrificed for the relationship. Therefore this is an ideal location for learning independence. Changes in relationships prompt you to rely more on your own resources. The irony of this is that your relationships with loved ones will be enriched through your process of discovering how to look after yourself.

North Node – Rise Line (Orb 6°09′: Moderate Influence)

Moving along this line can change the course of your life. People you meet and events that take place are likely to change the way that you think and feel about yourself, thus affecting decisions for the future. Hence the direction of your life changes. You experience a real sense of doors opening and closing. Business and personal relationships also play an important role along this line. You are destined to meet individuals or groups of people who deeply affect your sense of self. Ultimately these people will teach you important life lessons, even if the path is a little rocky. Self-development groups, or spiritual groups which enable you to discover more about yourself, may play a major role under this influence. In some cases you may be required to let go of relationships with people who have held you back in the past, or simply because the relationship was destined to end. You can take comfort from the thought that this line is strongly linked with destiny.

Vesta – Anticulminate Line (Orb 7°07′: Weak Influence)

Vesta is the asteroid of commitment to work or dedication to achievement and goals. Therefore it represents hard work, the tendency to use hard work as a compensation for attributes lacking in other areas of life or an excuse to emotionally distance oneself. On this line you may discover a commitment to your family and home. It could be that you begin working from home, or that you have a commitment to look after other family members. You may move to this line because of commitments to a member of your family.

* Descendant Conjunct Moon *      (Orb: 1 Deg 15 Min)

        Family relationships are strong here. If you do not have family in this area, then you are likely to develop relationships

that feel like family. A good place for domestic affairs.

* Ascendant Square Jupiter *      (Orb: 1 Deg 05 Min)

        While in this area you socialize a great deal and are rather outgoing. You may become a member of large

organizations. Be wary of a tendency of some offers or hopes to be overly inflated.

* Asc Conjunct Mercury/Mars *      (Orb: 0 Deg 49 Min)

        You are mentally stimulated here, but also inclined to arguments and disagreements with others. A good place for

studying, learning, and writing, but you must exhibit some patience and self-control to maintain harmonious relationships.

* Asc Conjunct Venus/Mars *      (Orb: 0 Deg 25 Min)

        Love and romance are highlighted here! A new passion might be felt in your marriage, or if you are single, you are

likely to become involved in romantic relationships here. This is also a good geographic area for creative art.

* MC Conjunct Sun/Moon *      (Orb: 0 Deg 57 Min)

        Career opportunities here are likely to be a little better than you might expect. You are likely to find that both your

work environment and home environment feel comfortable, and over time you feel like a kinship with the local community.

Ascendant Trine Neptune       (Orb: 1 Deg 39 Min)

        You enjoy creative and imaginative times with others while in this area. You may act in uncharacteristically silly or

childish ways – and enjoy it! A good place to spark your imagination and creativity.

Asc Conjunct Venus/Uranus       (Orb: 1 Deg 14 Min)

        A good place to party or dance the night away. You feel lively here and you meet some interesting people. While  you can have fun here, you may also find that it is difficult to maintain stability, and relationships you form here might

disappear just as suddenly as they appeared.


Maximum Orb Used: 10°00′

Planetary Azimuths: Relocated

Azimuth from original location: 088°54′

The Moon – Local Space Line – Azimuth 098°53′ (Conjunct – Orb 9°59′: Weak Influence)

If you are seeking to explore your emotional nature or looking for greater comfort in your home life, then this line will help. The Moon represents home comforts and emotional needs. Therefore the Moon line will highlight these areas. You may benefit from searching for a home along this line because your nesting instincts will be greater. Moving along this line prompts you to want to find a home that reflects your true needs whether this is for a large family home or a unit for one. It is also possible that you enjoy spending time with loved ones when moving along this line. Children, parents, friends, and other relatives may congregate at selected locations. Cooking, cleaning, gardening and other nurturing pursuits are also highlighted. You may feel particularly at home when visiting locations along this line thus giving you ideas for your own home environment. You may enjoy investing in property or purchase objects that hold special appeal. On the contrary this line is not as conducive to other business pursuits unless you are involved in businesses such as childcare, catering, or nursing homes. In some cases you may have an emotional reaction to other people’s living conditions along this line. Perhaps you feel envious of other’s wealthy homes or shocked by someone’s poverty. Whatever your response you need to embrace anything that helps you feel contented when moving to or travelling along this line so that your sojourn is conducive to your well-being.

The Sun – Local Space Line – Azimuth 262°39′ (Opposite – Orb 6°15′: Moderate Influence)

Your Sun line will have a generally positive affect in your life. If you have felt that you have been unable to fully express your personality then the Sun line will be advantageous. The energies of this line will help you assert your personality traits and achieve your personal goals.  You will shine more in your own life thanks to experiences and associations formed along this line. You are able to clarify your own goals and the steps needed to achieve them. As a result you are able to more easily advance in life. You also seem to naturally assert yourself with others. It is also possible that positive male friends or family members move to locations along this line providing you with the opportunity to make connections.

There is a chance that you may become somewhat grandiose and overly confident at locations along the Sun line. Therefore it is important you ensure that you are aiming for positive outcomes rather than seeking to exploit opportunities or people when travelling to locations along this line. You need to also generously embrace those who assist you in achieving your ambitions rather than disregarding their contribution. This will help ensure that your journey is a positive one with favorable consequences.


Maximum Orb Used: 2°00′

Mercury Setting / Uranus Upper (Orb 1°49’)

Mental agility and originality will abound under this influence. You will have an incisive and ingenious mind, with ideas tumbling into your mind almost faster than you can speak them. This is ideal for any original piece of writing, study or creative project that requires mental skill. You will enjoy unusual and progressive topics of conversation and study, perhaps even delving into the occult, mathematics, science or technology. Your thoughts and speech may also be erratic and inventive, and your opinions ahead of your time.

* * *