9 PST, 12pm EST, 5pm UK

In Part 1, we will study the charts of the Solar and Lunar Eclipse in detail, as well as the Mercury Retrograde cycle, beginning the 21st, and Jupiter in Taurus moving mid may. Bring your chart and learn how these cycles are impacting:

-Your Personal Evolutionary Path

-Global financial situation, the De-Dollarization movement on the planet, Banking, the US Chart, Joe Biden

-Resource Allocation and Community Empowerment

-Teachings from the Mystics to Guide us through the eclipse birth canal

PART 2   Live Guitar Guided Breath Meditation + Movement, and Intention-setting Writing Ritual to embrace our shadow and unveil what we wish to create for this eclipse season and what we want to see realized in the next 6 months when the eclipses come around again. We will share our explorations in a healing circle.