Divine Remembrance:

NEW MOON VIRGO Embodied Initiation

 Breathwork +

Live Guitar and DJ AstroDance Class

THURSDAY September 17

10 AM PDT, 1PM EDT, 6pm UK – ZOOM

To honor this month’s New Moon in Virgo, this class will invite a deep journey of sacred embodiment, split into two segments.

In the first half of this 2 hour class you will be guided into a Divine Remembrance sacred breathwork journey.

Virgo is a sign that recognizes what needs to be tweaked and adjusted to re-align with Source. We will work with the Ultimate Truth Process, which helps to unveil our core wounds. Our sacred breathwork journey then repatterns the negative thoughts or heavy emotions keeping us locked into any victim mode- whether conscious or unconscious. The breath moves this wound through, transforming it into our unique gift.  As the breath cleanses our system, we also work with affirmations from sacred texts, such as A Course in Miracles.

We emerge from this rebirth ready to move the Virgo energy through our body with Warm-Up, Qi Gong, and Dance.

With this New Moon in Virgo opposite Neptune, we will be blending the energies of Virgo and Pisces, the sign Neptune rules. Our guided movements will invoke archetypes of the Devotee, the High Priestess, the Sacred Servant, the Earth Mother, the Yogi, the Mystic, the Artist and others. Our Ecstatic Dance journey will be facilitated by specially selected Live Classical Guitar, Turkish Guitar, and Electronic Music tracks.

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