Are you ready to breathe your intentions into the new astrological year?
Equinox and the New Moon in Aries always mark the beginning of the astrological year, and this year they fall within 1 day of each other March 20th and 21st. As a moment of collective and individual rebirth, you are invited to a special Breathwork Intention Ceremony and Aries playshop, sound journey ritual on Tuesday the 21st. Enter the new season with Breath and to clarify your goals and embody the energy of the firestarter, pioneer, bold leader, and courageous risk-taker, Aries.
With Jupiter conjunct Chiron in Aries, we are currently experiencing a profound spiritual upgrade – the wounds have ripened to be healed and each of us are being called to activate the Mystic Mentor, the Guiding Guru, the Inspiring Coach – to call these into our lives, and to awaken our own potentials to facilitate others in their transformations.
You are invited to bring your chart for Part 1 as we discuss the Aries ingress chart, how this determines the patterns of the entire year ahead, and how you will be most affected.
This is a completely donation-based class. Suggested donation is $25.
Pay what you can here and join us for:

Equinox Embodiment:
New Moon Ritual  Guitar Breathwork Journey
12pm PST, 3 EST, 7pmUK

Part 1 Spring Astrology Highlights and Your Chart Analysis: Highlighted insights into how best you can navigate the big Spring Astrology cycles and planetary shits as Saturn changes sign into Pisces for the first time in 3 years, and Pluto enters Aquarius for the next 20! What’s this New Moon look like in your chart? Bring your chart and let’s explore.
Part 2 Astrological Embodiment for Aries
Aries Intentions Writing Ritual
 + Qi Gong and Dance Invocation for the Aries Spring Equinox Activation.  
Part 3 ShamaniSonic Guitar Odyssey + Breathwork Journey
Live original guitar, chanting, and ambient soundscape to breathe into this New Moon, Spring season, and new astrological year.
+Guided by affirmations from the Mystics of various spiritual traditions.
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