Planetary Rites of Passage:

Archetypal Initiation and Your Cycles of Evolution



10am PAC, 1pm EDT, 5 UK

The collective unconscious is not the multiple experience of a group. Rather, it is what is deeply inherently human, the patterns and symbols deeply rooted in humankind as a whole—this is Archetype—primordial imagination.
—Carl Jung

You’ve heard of the 7 Year Itch or 7 Years Bad Luck? Did you know these common cultural phrases are actually related to the initiatory cycle of task-master Saturn: the responsible authority and the agent of disciplined self-mastery? Did you know that the vague term “Mid-Life crisis” actually involves three powerful challenges from Uranus, Neptune, and Saturn? And that every nine years we experience deeply karmic and destined encounters through the evolutionary portals of the Lunar Nodes’s cycles?

In this transformative webinar, Archetypes of Initiation, you will discover how Astrology reveals a Sacred TimeMap for our entire lives, offered by our planetary teachers and their recurrent, regular cycles of initiation and soul growth.

You will learn cycles of early childhood, youth, adulthood, and our elder years and how best you and your family and friends can best navigate and succeed through these initiatory thresholds.

With foreknowledge of approaching cycles and hindsight into life’s primary initiations, you can prevent the shadow expressions of the planet from manifesting, and work instead to harmonize and co-create with the most luminous potential of the Planetary Rite of Passage you are currently experiencing.

You will learn:

  • Detailed examination of Child Development from 2-15 through Jupiter and Saturn Cycles.
  • Uranus Revolutionary Pivots – The Squares and Oppositions of our early 20s, early 40’s and early 60’s
  • Mid-Life Turning Points and Evolutionary Portals from ages 37-45.
  • Understand your approaching Cycles of Initiation, and how to support lovers, colleagues, friends, and family members through theirs.
  • Famous examples of pivotal Return moments, such as Barack Obama, Oprah Winfrey, Johnny Depp, Beethoven, and more including their Jupiter and Saturn Returns, the early 40’s Uranus Opposition, and the late 30’s Pluto Square
  • How to provide Rites of Passage for the next generation appropriate to these planetary journeys
  • Live Shamanic Journey and Active Imagination to meet your earlier selves during these cycles
  • Learn to provide Cross-Generational Mentorship through resonant cycles of growth
  • Avatars such as Christ and Buddha and their Planetary Rites of Passage.

**This is a RECORDED Webinar, so if you can’t be live, no worries!

Rites of Passage / Evolutionary Cycles