Saturn in Pisces: Planting the Seeds of the Visionary


When Saturn slips into the seas of Pisces in just a few weeks this March, we will need to learn to surf a more poetic tide, at times disorientating, at times fantastical. How can we plant the seeds of the visionary—embody the righeous effort to realize our utopian potentials in daily life?

It’s important to prepare for these planetary ingresses/sign shifts as we tend to feel the cycles the most at that moment. Whenever Saturn changes signs, I offer a masterclass and this will be a more experiential, imaginative exploration because of Saturn’s Pisces transition.

Join us as we:

◦ Integrate Saturn’s journey in Aquarius collectively and in your chart
◦ How maturity shifts into spiritual responsibility in Pisces
◦ How to avoid the disappointment and disillusionment and commit to daily practice
◦ The strict demands that Saturn will place on Mutable signs Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, and Pisces
◦ Why this cycle is crucial to the transition between the Piscean and Aquarian Ages
◦ What spiritual pathways will you discipline yourself at under this cycle?
◦ The importance of Myth and Archetypally based therapy with Saturn in Pisces
◦ How the Arts and Imagination will guide us in the coming years
◦ What Media, AI, and Virtual Technologies will mean for our collective dream
We will embody this cycle thru:
⁃ Meditation
⁃ Dance / Qi Gong
⁃ Breathwork Journey

**For those called, you can learn about Saturn’s house and aspects in your chart with a 15 min. recorded personal interpretation, limited to 6 students.

**Zoom link sent day of class and REPLAY sent 24 hours after our workshop.