Shadow Mastery:

Pluto, Scorpio, and Shamanic Breakthrough

TUESDAY – Nov 12th

12pm PAC, 3 EST

In this 2 hour WEBINAR, we journey into the underworld of Scorpio, seizing the opportunity of Mercury Retrograde in the sign of psychological transformation, regeneration, and alchemy. Join us for both Live Shamanic Therapies and Personal Chart Interpretations to help you navigate the season of rebirth.

• Why Shamanic Therapies and Shadow-Work are so important now and in 2020
• Pluto and your Generation’s Transformative Soul-work
• Soul Alchemy, Mercury Retrograde, and Scorpio Medicine
• How to locate Karma and Past Lives in your Astrology Chart
• Understanding your Birth Trauma and its Psychic Imprint
• The “COEX” and models of the Multidimensional Psyche
• Psychedelic Integration Practices

Live Call Experiential Practices:
• Past Life Induction
• Shamanic Breathwork and Drum Journeying
• Active Dreamwork to Heal, Envision, and Manifest
• Tantra Yoga Meditations to transcend the limited mind


Master Class:

• The Human Design Spleen Center -Instinct, Intuition, and Fear
• Transcending the 8 Survival Fears
• ***Personal Interpretation of the Intuitive Spleen Center in your unique Human Design

*All participants receive recording after the class, so if you can’t be live, you can enjoy the recording.

**Two options below, if you are interested in personal interpretation, please include your birth date, time, place in an email to verdarluz@gmail.com