Summer Soulstice TimeMapping Masterclass + Ecstatic Dance and Breathwork

WHEN to do WHAT: 

Your Rhythms of Wisdom

Mastering Your Rhythms of Wisdom

Wednesday June 19th
9am-11am PST, 12-2pm EST, 5-7pm UK
Summer Soulstice is here and coincides with a Full Moon in Capricorn—the perfect opportunity for us to structure and schedule the main events of the year’s remainder, aligned to Astrology’s cycles of opportunity and potential stress. Join us for this 2 part 2 hour class.


In Part 1 – the Rhythms of Wisdom TimeMapping Masterclass you’ll discover exactly the best times to launch products and services, and to focus on key areas of your life, including cultivating relationship, career, financial attraction, home-care, time with your kids, and taking a much-deserved break as we approach year’s end!


PART 2 Solstice Embodiment:
-Embody the Cancer / Capricorn Full Moon with Qi Gong
-Live Guitar Breakthrough Breathwork + Intention Journaling for Summer Season
-Global Journey Ecstatic Dance


We can do everything our heart’s desire. Just not all at once.
Our innate abundance births from wise strategizing and attuned stargazing.
Join us to discover your Rhythms of Wisdom.


Choose your Amount- $0-100; Suggested Donation – $55,
All Proceeds go to Charities UNCH, Global Sadaqah, Music Youth

I met VerDarLuz at a conference and was immediately struck by his wisdom, clarity and insight. After the event, we had a session around the timing for the upcoming milestones in my business – particularly events and launches. This past weekend, I completed our company’s annual fall event and followed the schedule VerDarLuz laid out for the 3-day event itself. The event was flawless and a fabulous time was had by all. The quality of our clients and our sales numbers were on target. I have planned out the main events of the entire next year based upon VerDarLuz’s guidance and I look forward to witnessing more magic unfold. I will continue to hire VerDarLuz to guide my timing and locational choices as he is simply the best there is!
Baeth Davis - Intuitive Business Catalyst, Creator of the Life Purpose Summit

The monthly coaching calls are indeed, divine timing, as each session caters to whatever is “up” for me and my family. I have started a new business, relocated, chosen schools for my children and am planning my upcoming year based on the potent and valuable information VerDarluz has offered as a higher perspective of what needs attention in each area, and when. I cannot express the depth of my gratitude to VerDarLuz for his wise, compassionate, intuitive, empowering, supportive and nurturing guidance.

Heidi St. Rogers, Corona Del Mar, Mexico