AstroLocality Power Places for Digital Nomads and Entrepreneurs

In this video, we explore the empowering tool of Locational Astrology for Entrepreneurs and Digital Nomads – check out these ares:

  • Where are the locations where you can achieve the greatest financial success?
  • Where should you call your home base?
  • Where can you find more of your ideal clients?
  • Where is your “paradise location?”
  • Where should you invest in land or property?
  • How can you find your most innovative career areas?

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“Before VerDarLuz’s Relocation Strategy session, my girlfriend and I were at a crossroads. I could not live where she was and she could not live where I was. VerDarLuz found the mutual, supportive location where we both wanted to live. Now she and I are setting sail to live our life together.” –

Sam, New Zealand

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