Astrology of 2016 Elections – Clinton, Trump, Sanders

As the week of Elections 2016 dawns and possibly the most unprecedented campaign in U.S. history finally ends, more Wikileaks and allegations seeming to unfold constantly. Have you listened to the riveting new interview with Julian Assange, head of Wikileaks, reveal even further shadows of the candidates?

In my new video blog below, I share the astrology of the candidates, painting deeper insights into these figures and the hidden layers of their character, including their most potent current cycles. If you’ve asked WHY we are in this current situation, this video may unveil some enlightening answers.

In addition, my last vlog revealed the Human Design of the USA’s two presidential candidates—their motivations, their emotional natures, their personal agendas, their thought processes, and so much more. Check that post out here!

May the stars light your way hOMe.

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