Do I Really Want This? – Mars Retrograde Summer + Full Moon Capricorn

This month’s Full Moon in Capricorn, Thursday June 28th, asks us if we are ‘fulfilled,’ illuminated, and ripened in our path of ambition. Have we achieved stable structures within our career path and are we patiently committed to our goals?

Our goals may shift as the summer progresses since this Full Moon begins the two month Mars Retrograde cycle – the dominant energy of this summer, lasting for two months between. The word ‘vocation’ means to be called, so with Mars Retrograde and this Full Moon, we are asked what we truly wish to be “response-able” for with our energy, what we are called to bring forth with more organized effort, and our will directed towards trusting increased intuition and sharing our unique original gifts (Mars square Uranus).

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Mars’ last retrograde occurred early Summer 2016, mostly in Scorpio, while this cycle in Aquarius will pose profound questions about our collective evolution for most of this coming Summer.

Since Mars directs our motivation, this cycle will compel us to collectively vision our ideal of true freedom for all humanity. We will especially become aware of the fundamental inequalities in the world, and strive to form more self-sustaining communities empowered by renewable technologies, barter, alternative currencies, and liberating group process. This cycle will also sensitize us even further to the plight of migrants around the world, fleeing from violence and dictatorial regimes.

Mars also rules the masculine essence and drive, and the retrograde cycle is an ideal time to study and acknowledge you and your partner’s Mars passions, which you can do in my courses: Love, Sex, and Relationship Success with Astrology: Honor Your Sacred Masculine and Feminine.   and   Tantra and Sacred Sexuality: The Water Element

Mars’ sexual pursuits are retrograde now in Aquarius—known as the most liberal and experimental of zodiac signs. This cycle will invite more of us to pry open our sexuality, revealing the restrictive nature of gender preference and closed models of relating. We will desire group experiences, workshops, and retreats that help us to liberate our sexuality and tune in to communicating and acting upon our authentic desires. Short-term commitments, such as handfasting, that increase personal freedom, but still focus on a shared evolutionary goal will be highlighted, as well as more tantric and energetic means of expressing and discovering our desire.

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