AUGUST STAR-Shadows: Mercury Retrograde, Lunar Eclipse, Perseid Meteors

Before August 21’s massive, highly anticipated Total Solar Eclipse at the last degree of Leo, visible throughout much of the U.S., we confront our next Lunar Eclipse and Mercury Retrograde cycles of initiation + the glory of the annual Perseid Meteor Showers.


August 7th’s Aquarius 15 degree Lunar Eclipse can be just as or more intense than the Solar Eclipse, especially because of the emotional fluctuations often present in the weeks before and after a Lunar Eclipse. It all depends on your chart: Those with planets between 10-20 degrees of Fixed signs Taurus, Scorpio, Leo, and Aquarius will most deeply experience the fruitful completions, surrendered resolutions, or necessary dissolu

tions of this Super Full Moon energy, with a focus on one’s freedom and authentic sense of self-expression.

With Mars opposite this Full Moon, irritable reactivity could bring supressed rage to the surface, through the trine from Jupiter may help inspire expanded perspective and help focus Mars’ intensity into a catalyzed role of leadership. Also peaking at this Lunar Eclipse is a question of our active creative contribution to humanitarian purposes and a tribe communally shifting the collective paradigm.

My new life on the road as a Digital Nomad and the conferences with other nomads this September in Portugal and Spain is one example of a global shift towards location independent work and a collaborative world community of those who seek more freedom, autonomy, and passion for living life to its fullest. Where is your evolutionary threshold and how do you gently push other’s over their edge during this revolutionary Lunar Eclipse?  Expect August to be a month of intense global action including fiery protest movements and rebellious surges for equal rights.

On August 12, Mercury once again turns Retrograde, in the sign of Virgo at 12 degrees. He will backtrack through the final degrees of Leo, where he turns direct again on September 5th. Virgo Mercury Retrograde emphasizes our ability to manage our time, energy, and resources more efficiently and analytically. We will likely become more acutely aware of what is not working in our daily/weekly routines and seek to implement new regimens of greater productivity through better systems. We can reflect on the best ways to utilize energy and time in service, health, and the simple but profound disciplines of daily devotion.

We are already in Mercury’s shadow period and thus, some of us with many planets in Virgo/Gemini, may already feel this Retrograde’s technology, communications, and travel challenges causing havoc in our lives. Be sure to back up important documents, avoid signing major contracts, and manage the above hassle areas with graceful acceptance.

Lastly, just as Mercury turns backwards, the annual Perseid Meteor Showers, the brightest starshow in the sky, peak on the 12th and 13th so find a location far away from the city pollution, and bask in the psychedelic stellar calligraphy of 80-100 dancing comets per hour.

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