The Importance of Relocated Charts

These days, few of us live where we were born.  This fact alone suggests the vital importance of interpreting our birth charts as if we were born in the area we currently live.  Although the imprint of your birth chart will always be carried with you, your influences will be vastly different depending on where you travel to or reside.  Thus, all of us would benefit from recognizing the differences in our charts from one location to the next.

The foundation of AstroLocality, or Relocation Astrology, lies in a few basic ideas. In Step 1 of this artful science, we must relocate your birth chart to a city you would like to move or travel to, using that city as your location.  We can also relocate your birth chart to where you currently reside.

This relocated chart is then interpreted to tell us what influences and life experiences will be most dominant in that location for you.  The various planets—which represent intelligences, teachers, and psychological functions—will become more or less prominent, and they will radiate energy into certain areas of your life.

If, for instance, you were born on the East Coast, but moved to California in your 20‘s, all of your planets—the various psychological forces within you—would be radiating their influence in different houses, or spheres of life experience.  Just by moving one time zone, you might shift a concentration of planets in your 6th house—a heavy burden of daily tasks, health issues, and stress—into your 7th house, and now your area of relationships will be affected by those same planets, affecting all partnerships in ways to particular to those planetary meanings.  If you move Saturn and Pluto into your 6th house, and you are seeking a light-hearted, playful, romantic relationship, this shift will not support you at all, since Saturn is about serious commitments, hardship, and tests of stamina, while Pluto is about dramatic intensity and transformation.

All aspects of life—career, love, financial fulfillment, family, spiritual and artistic pursuits—have their more ideal and less attractive power places in your country of origin and on the earth as a whole.  No location is perfect for all aspects of life.  But with the many aspects of AstroLocality we describe in other posts, and with the clarity of a client’s intention for relocation or travel, we can weigh the pros and cons of specific locations to find the most supportive places for an individual, a couple, or a family.  In this process, we often discover significant locations that may never have been on your radar.

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