Numerology’s 9 Year – Let Go and Let God


Whereas Numerology’s Personal Year describes the major motifs, situations, circumstances, and challenges you will address individually in a given year, the Universal Year describes the umbrella themes for all of humanity in 2016.  9 is the terrain we travel this year, and this landscape is summarized in one word: SURRENDER. Since the 9 year is a the completion of a nine-year cycle began in 2008, think back to what began then in your life and how it may be coming to completion, whether in career, relationship, home, or another core area of your life. 

The 9 is a year of transition, preparing us all for a profound spark, an intense ignition of something brand new in 2017.  But first we must fulfill our karmas, allow the mirrors to instruct us on what resistances must be shed, on what patterns but be transmuted, and what shadows must be consumed by the fire.  Let go and Let God is the mantra in 2016. 

Below are a few other themes to keep close to your heart in 2016’s dynamic year of change.

What must be released in the name of evolution?

Patience and perseverance that is found in the bigger picture.

Endings and Completions – Work, Relationships, Home, Projects

Go with the flow, allow, accept

Forgiveness, making amends, karma-clearing

Nostalgia and clinging to the past prevents progress

Holding on/Resistance creates destruction, shadow-actions

Potential for transformation in all areas of life.

Dreams/Visions/Story into instant manifestation

Spiritual Growth, the Divine Will/Higher Power at play

What will you release in 2016?

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