Aquarius New Moon = Relationship Medicine + Business Innovation

Friday’s Aquarian New Moon emphasizes being your authentic self, following intuitive flashes, thinking outside the box, and bringing your creative innovation to your community. At the 8th degree of Aquarius, the sabian symbol is “A Flag is seen as turning into an Eagle. This symbol suggests: The only true patriot is free, self-liberated to soar in the unique frequency of the One Divine Energy….
Aquarius is also a sign that brings a paradigm shifting, revolutionary approach to business. One of the techniques that business owners have been using for decades with astrology is Electional Astrology to help lazer point the optimum time to launch a business or website. With Electional Astrology, we look to find the exact time and day where the planetary configurations and their felt significance match the intentions of the client. In addition to business launches, Electional Astrology can also be used to determine the ideal dates for travel, marriage, and buying/selling a home.

During this New Moon, goddess of love Venus “repairs” herself in a challenging conjunction to Chiron and square to Saturn. This aspect invites deep relational healing. Since Venus is in Pisces, sign of myth and archetype, accessing the love archetypes at the core of your soul can be a key path to building and sustaining mature intimacy (Saturn) and relationships as a path to awakening. As Chiron represents the mentor, the Honoring your Sacred Masculine and Feminine course may be one path of guidance for you to unveil and integrate your unique version of the God and Goddess.

Also in Astrology, Composite Charts, available here, reveal the soul-work a couple has come to do together, how a couple harmonizes and feels secure together, and even how the individuals relate to the relationship. In addition, my new course on sale now, Numerology Cycles of Empowerment describes what relationship cycles you are in during the year ahead, helping you attune to what works best for you now when it comes to the journey of healing and evolving through relationships.

With grace, ease, and hope that the above tools and the paths of compassionate gratitude may guide your Venus-Mars journey at this time. Within 7 days, the romantic and idyllic Pisces lovers will be replaced by the reactively feisty, agressively fierce, adventurous combustion of Aries. Next week, expect love to steam in the scald of the hot springs….

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