Boiling Point: Leo Lunar Eclipse + Separation or Passion: The Aries God and Goddess

Eclipse Season begins to boil over this weekend with the masculine throb and pulse of Air and Fire signs everywhere.  The Eclipses, always two weeks apart from each other, act as super catalyzing New And Full Moons, causing directional shapeshifts in our relationships, career, creativity, and home environment. Friday the 10th is the Lunar Eclipse at 22 deg. of Leo, sparking this very suggestive sabian symbol: A bareback rider in a circus displays her dangerous skill.

The shadow of this Leo Eclipse looms in the arrogant, egoic, “mad king,” me-first energy. We don’t have to look too far to see how we’ve projected this dark god into our current American “leadership.” (Yes, he’s a Mars in Leo, and Leo Rising).  The test now is to let go of our judgements, and invoke our own charismatic leader – if you were in your sexiest, solar brilliance, your most magnetic and innovative creator, serving your community, how would you step into the Full Moon spotlight with this Lunar Eclipse?  Don’t wait—do it this weekend.

This commandment also erupts from the “warrior lovers” Mars and Venus, as they conjoin to strip down into naked, wild, raw Aries passion. YUMMM. But if all the world’s a sexy stage, then we must beware the feisty Aries combustion and rage if not given the freedom to follow its animal instincts. Can we follow our inner solopreneurial mission and our deepest desires without succumbing to reactive separation and unnecessary antagonism?
Here’s a free video preview from my course on Love and Sex Archetypes all about the Aries God and Goddess.

Also, amped by messenger Mercury’s circus flight into wild Aquarius the rest of February, the Jupiter in Libra to Sun in Aquarius air trine inspires tribal kin-nection, facilitating expansion of our creative purpose within our communities. This energy is about saying YES to the opportunities unveiling Now: collaborate, teach, grow with the assistance and reflection of those you party, play, and learn with.

Remember the sabian symbol for this Leo Full Moon: A bareback rider in a circus displays her dangerous skill.

Are you ready to risk it all?
We are ready to bask in awe at your daredevil glow
Celebrate your roar.
We are ready to dance in its echo.

How will your career, love, and home environment be affected this year?
How best to prepare?
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