Aries and Human Design Manifestors

In Human Design, the Manifestor type is only about %10 of the population, but when you meet a Manifestor, you can feel the power of their leadership, drive, and intensity often in the first meeting.

As children, these kids usually knew what they wanted immediately and consistently, and when thwarted would resolve to angry outbursts and further defiance. This same rebellious pattern continues into adulthood. The Manifestor is necessarily a revolutionary type—something fresh, paradigm shifting, and unique wants to emerge through them—some new idea, business, technology, or creative burst that has the potential to inspire all of us. 

Resonant with the daring, risk-taking, and entrepreneurial quality of the Aries archetype, Manifestors can be the first to initiate projects and have a strong drive to follow their impulses to make important change on the planet.

But also like Aries, their fuse is short and their endurance may be minimal unless they have a supportive team around them to do the important leg-work, and keep their reactive fires in check. Ideally, a Manifestor has a Projector to offer insight and counsel, a group of Generators to complete tasks, and Manifesting Generators as

Most importantly for individuals with planets in Aries or for Manifestors, shouting YES! to life’s grand adventure from the top of their lungs is the key to fulfilling their destiny and leading others to their greatness. Just make sure to follow the Manifestor and Aries strategy to Inform Before You Act, so that others in the environment can adjust and adapt to the fanning of that passionate flame.

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