FINALLY, Tuesday September 5th, mischief maker Mercury goes direct at 28 Leo, near the Solar Eclipse point, focusing are mind on all the events, awareness, and connections that occurred around the Solar Eclipse. This was one of the most challenging Retrogrades for me personally, with my phone getting stolen in Amsterdam, lost luggage for many days, and crazy amounts of back and forth with insurance companies. SURRENDER has been the big theme of this Retrograde, and also some overwhelm with all the many details to pay attention to. A lot of this Retrograde intensity was amplified by the Lunar and Solar Eclipses in August as well – some of us may feel we barely made it out alive, but what we’ve learned and who we’ve met has pivoted our entire existence, while showing us a better path towards daily sadhana–making all mundane tasks a spiritual practice.

Indeed a new cycle has begun—career, travel, relations, friendship, home environment–all are experiencing a seasonal shift, and we may feel our emotions like a prismatic circus of colors, cresting into tidal waves of highs, lows and everything in between. with Wednesday September 6th’s Full Moon in Pisces, in strong conjunction to modern ruler of Pisces, Neptune, and in a tense square to Saturn in Sagittarius. This Moon invites us to drink in the depths of our imagination, while acknowledging any unrealistic fantasies that keep us escaping the necessity of ambitious devotion.

Rather than harsh disappointments, Saturn wants us to get pragmatic, strategic, and realistically optimistic about setting our dream-visions afire with the discipline and structure of daily, monthly, and yearly goal-setting that inspires and catalyzes us to act, not just linger in the clouds of ‘what ifs?’ and nebulous possibilities. This Full Moon is the fruiting of the real meaning behind ‘dis-illusionment’ – detaching from the illusions that keep us swirling in the net of maya and samsara, of chasing desires or even of working, of busying ourselves, without a spiritual purpose behind it.

What dreams needs serious focus to actualize in your life? Why are you pushing so hard to achieve whatever is anchoring you into responsibility’s gravity? Perhaps a shamanic journey, an ego-dissolving meditation, or an encounter with you muse will help reveal the next stage of your work as a vessel for channeling Spirit into the flesh.

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