Your Genetic Strategy to Confidently Make Decisions

It’s generally difficult to make decisions with full confidence with so many chaos factors and constant flux of information, especially during the storm of Mercury Retrograde when our minds are moving so fast we can’t integrate all we’re learning, we’re more forgetful than normal, and miscommunications are more likely.

This is when following your Human Design Strategy becomes an important and steadily reliable tool. And during the month of April, I’m offering a sale on 30 and 60 min. Human Design consultations to support you with invoking the Wise Warrior Aries, on the quest for self knowledge as opposed to the impuslive reactionary fireball energy.

When we talk about “Strategy,” Design is referring to waht’s going to work for you on a ‘genetic’ level based on your “genetic definition,” a topic which I discuss in this essay at length. Your genetic defnition gives you a certain energy type, and each energy type has a decision-making strategy. This element of Human Design can be quite a revelation, as it was for me, when I realized I had been pushing or forcing too much, which doesn’t ever work for the Projector type, about %20 of the population.

Projectors read energy very well. They are adept at studying systems and giving valuable insights to others, BUT only after they’ve been invited to do so. If someone hasn’t asked for their advice, then it will likely fall on deaf ears, and the Projector will feel that the little energy reserve they do have, has been wasted.

We often see a great struggle when a Projector tries to push their advice onto a Manifestor. The Manifestor’s aura often repels the assistance of others—there is a feeling that emanates from them that they can do it themselves. And yet, a Manifestor needs Generators and Manifesting Generators to give energetic support and consistent, nourishing life force to the brilliant ideas, visions, and leadership of the Manifestor. Because whatever the Manifestor does will have a poweful impact on their environment and those in it, a Manifestor’s strategy is to ‘inform others before they act,” which not only invites the support of those team members and friends around the Manifestor, but can prevent a reactive resentment from those whom the Manifestor is affecting. It’ s like a boss who changes the whole structure of daily tasks in an office space, but just springs that on her employees. They will not be as keen to support her and may even be angered by this sudden shift.

Generators and Manifesting Generators both need to “wait to respond” and check in with their gut to make sure they literally have the sustaining energy to complete a task, fulfill on commitments, and go the distance to whatever they choose to begin. Once a Generator or Manifesting Generator says YES to a person or project, it’s hard for them to retreat because so much energy is already invested.

The challenge for both Manifestors and Manifesting Generators has to do with SPEED. Both of these types want to move quickly. These are ‘motorized’ beings: they have one of the 9 Centers of Energy as a motor connecting up to their Throat Center, giving them a boost of energy to act on their intentions—to essentially ‘make life happen’—and to catalyze those around them to act similarly or to give necessary support.

Once we know our Human Design Strategy, we then look more specifically at our Inner Authority, Channel Definition, and Profile to fill in our process for acting and relating with authenticity and bold self-confidence.

Learn about your Human Design with a 60 min or 30 minute Empowerment Coaching session.

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