Saturn-Pluto Overwhelm – Why 2020 Has Been So Damn Hard!!

In Part 1 of this Essay, I will explore the intense collective initiation of Saturn conjunct Pluto which is wreaking psychological havoc and dramatic soul-churning on all of us. We will explore how Saturn-Pluto is felt personally, as well as represented in film, music, and government. I will share more about Saturn—Pluto in an upcoming essay.

First, Friday Jan. 24th marks the New Moon at 4 degrees Aquarius, a time to initiate new friendships with your cosmic tribe, to upgrade your relations to those who truly serve the same visionary purpose and humanitarian ideals as you. And with a Uranus square the Moon, expect surprise encounters, shift some paradigm in your current worldview, allow a breakthrough revolution in an area of your life screaming for change.

Jan 12’s Lunar Eclipse was exactly conjunct Saturn and Pluto, who are currently at 24 and 23 degrees of Capricorn, respectively. If you have planets between 18-28 Aries, Cancer, Capricorn, or Libra, you will feel this dramatic transit with even more profound catharsis necessary.

I’m writing this essay as the Moon is transiting both Saturn and Pluto, which occurs one day each month. Mark down Feb. 20 for the next day when the shadows will battle streetside, and when the Dark Night of the Soul may sneak up inside, and prepare by initiating one of the healing modalities listed below.

Saturn enforces Pluto. Pluto intensifies Saturn. Let’s break these down.

Let’s start with the good new and our best strategy – find what you can obsess on—something deep, profound, and soul-meaningful—in the most constructive, creative, and healthy way, and focus all your energy on it….

Saturn delivers Pluto into concrete 3d reality. Chronos, Lord of Time brings his scythe to meet Hades, Lord of the Underworld. Finality, death, endings. These have been occurring for all of us—in relationships, in friendships, careers, and the literal passing of loved ones, including my grandmother.  Our paranoias and suspicions of others and even ourselves are painfully acute right now, and manifesting strongly through issues around collective resources—Money, Time, shared Living Space.

We must sing now our lamentations and threnodies, allow what must die to decompose. Watch a documentary of a volcano, and remember that the destruction paves the way for new life, in the buds of lichen, to grow. And TAKE TIME for SOLITUDE. Don’t try and force the issue with another. And when in doubt or overwhelmed, compassionately WAIT before letting whatever wound surge its demon force out in verbal expression.

For Saturn’s sickle also carves into our Pluto shadow. It feels like undigested meat, clogging our arteries, clawing at the guts, weighing down the heart, with lifetimes of the unprocessed and unhealed.

Whatever we are processing now, its importance cannot be understated—it both arises from and impacts the depths of our soul. It is as if we have entered a dark cave, forced to crawl on our knees, tripping through cobwebs, until we meet a slow burning fire. On the shadows of the cave wall, dance what look like amoebas, and you know that these are parasites, something that has been living off of you, in your physical body, in your emotional body, in your self-destructive thoughts, in the unforgiven relations.

As Saturn demands and forces the issues of the Plutonian unconscious, the only way to rid ourselves of the parasites is to first embrace them. We do this through cathartic healing—shamanic soul-retrieval, plant medicine ceremonies, past life regression, Breathwork, ecstatic dance, occult studies, and pattern recognition systems like Astrology—whatever can help us tear back the veil of the pain body’s charade, and move us from trauma to wholeness.

Would you like help navigating this intense transit?

Receive a consultation incorporating elements of Astrology, Numerology, and Human Design for a complete picture of your soul’s current initiations.

Or embrace the catharsis through shamanic healing – Breathwork, Past Life Therapy, and Active Dreamwork.

In the next essay we’ll discuss how to navigate this Saturn-Pluto energy further, looking at Film, Music, and Political themes of this cycle, including Best Picture Nominee “1917,” TOOL, and the US Impeachment hearings.

Here’s a preview of some musical insights for the cycle.

As a Musical genre, Saturn-Pluto is undeniably a breed of various types of Goth, Industrial, or Metal. As a guitarist and conoisseur of sophisticated Metal, the Metal genre has continued to hybridize and procreate in recent years, with even a sort of renaissance occurring and many styles emerging. Check out spotify playlists of the genres listed below, from the upcoming Dark Troll Festival in Germany. And note my favorite Metal acts – Saor, Sojourner, Ashbringer, Pillars, Alcest, Mono

OBSCURITY – Viking / Death (DE)
Galar – Melodic Black / Folk (NO)
Agrypnie – Post Black (DE)
Helsott – Pagan Death (USA/CA)
DARK SEAL – Pagan Black (CZ)
Nocte Obducta – Avantgarde Black (DE)
Grimner – Folk (SWE)
Empyrium – Dark Symphonic Folk (DE)
CROM – Epic/Melodic (DE)
Cân Bardd – Atmospheric Folk Black (CH)
Totenwache – Black (DE)
Black Messiah – Special Black Metal Show (DE)
Ruadh – Atmospheric Folk/Black (UK)
Ellende – Ambient Black (AT)
Wolfchant – Pagan (DE)
KHORS – Heathen Black (UA)
Baumbart – Acoustic Folk (DE)
Helheim – Viking Black (NO)
ÄERA – Atmospheric Black (DE)
Thrudvangar – Viking (DE)
Uprising – Black (DE)

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