Fire Monkey Chinese Year 2016

The Cayenne Monkey Year

The Monkey year in the Chinese calendar provides ample opportunities for innovative spontaneity and creative experimentation.  Monkey resonates with the zodiac sign of Leo—affirming that charisma, charm, and playful enthusiasm will support the shifty, stimulating environments and relations this year.

The Fire Monkey confirms what we explored in previous newsletter—the shapeshifting and adaptability needed with 2016’s mutable square and with the numerology of the 9 year—the more that we hold on, attach, and affix, especially to the past, the more we will likely suffer It’s like we’re all suspended from precarious branches over a huge campfire—we can take the leap to another tree, clap our monkey hands and entertain and laugh with each other, even if we slip on the next branch.  Or we can burn our tails from hanging on too tight.

We all know that the monkey is a fickle animal, easily distracted, and this energy is true in relationship as well, as romance and generosity are potential allies, if we don’t get overwhelmed and irritated with our “monkey mind” and the silly games it can play.

Fearless, uninhibited self-expression can create inspiring leaders this year, especially when we follow our passion with determined strength and dynamic passion—the invitation of the Fire element. We all benefit from how use our mental alertness, cunning, and clever engagement with new technologies as well as our physical hands to continue to learn, adapt, evolve, and heal.

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