The Divine Plan Tidal Wave: Pisces Solar Eclipse and March Transits

It sounds cliched and new-agey, and the ego despises it.  But LOVE knows its Truth and this Truth produces Faith.  What mantra of the Universe delivers us from the shackles of fear into the liberating arms of Faith? 

Everything happens for a reason. 

There is a plan. 

The Divine Will IS.

Approaching March 8th’s Pisces Solar Eclipse, our faith and trust in The Plan will be tested for the most powerful eclipse of 2016 will be fresh off the heels of a Mars-Mercury square and Sun-Neptune conjunction during the week of March 1st.  We must be careful with reactive and aggressive words during this week, with an inability to protect ourselves since the Sun-Neptune conjunction makes boundaries obsolete.  We may seem to be feeling EVERYTHING happening in the world all-at-once.  Yet empathy, compassion, and unity can be realized in our more quiet moments of contemplation or in opening our channels to  art, music, and dance. 

These moments of lucidity can return us to the unfolding of the Divine Plan.

Aristotle and other ancient philosophers called this concept The Telos: the overarching aim, and the ground of Being which gives purpose to all.  We as intuitive beings know that it’s all going to work out, but we don’t know HOW it’s going to work out, because that’s what we came to LIVE out.  Spiritual teacher Matt Kahn uses the metaphor of the novel: “We are wanting resolution that happens in a future chapter during a chapter that it’s not meant to arrive.  And then we pretend that it might not work out, which means that we have to try and run around and figure it out, even though: Everything Always Works Out.” 

We see and feel this in every meaningful synchronicity in our lives, in the signs, in the symbols, in the esoteric languages —astrology, numerology, Human Design—which so clearly reflect our lived processes, our experienced patterns.


Amidst three different T-Square configurations, including the faith-bending, structure-dissolving, go with the crazed flow Jupiter-Saturn-Neptune/Chiron T-Square – this eclipse window, and the Spring that follows, is going to be like riding the breeching humpback whale straight into the shadow core of our wounds and into the potential for successful mentorship, spiritual healing, and even business breakthrough.  But the journey will be a majestic overwhelm, a furious wave of mad, but necessary impermanence, the slippery blubber of our realities disintegrating before us under a tidal wave of change. 

The eclipse window, between March 8-March 23rd—a Lunar Eclipse in Libra—always suggests the potential for total transformation in major areas of life such as career, relationship, living environment, and outer identity. The Death/Rebirth experience, however tumultuous, is an evolutionary necessity at this time, in order to progress.  This will be most acutely felt by those with angles or planets in the mutables signs of Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, and Pisces.

By March 15, Venus joins the Sun and Mercury in Pisces, Jupiter in Virgo, and Mars and Saturn in Sagittarius to add the spice of the God and Goddess to this Mutable cocktail of planets.  If these transits were a mixed drink, they’d be the Long Island Iced Tea, with so many different planets swirling, spiraling, and a

The most important aspect of 2016 to consider is the Mutable T-Square between Jupiter in Virgo, Saturn in Sagittarius, and Neptune in Pisces. Mutable signs are the wild cards, the shapeshifters of the zodiac.  Marked by their malleable nature, these signs take the element that they are in and adapt and evolve it to the point where they become influential teachers and inspiring artists. 

However, the challenge with the Mutable T-Square comes with its rapid flux and undulations as we are incapable of holding on to truths that seem to evaporate just as we finally allow ourselves to mold into them.  The first key to surviving all the change in 2016 is to surrender into Faith.  Chapters 17 and 18 of A Course in Miracles speak directly to this Spring’s Call for Faith: 

There is no problem in any situation that faith will not solve. There is no shift in any aspect of the problem but will make solution impossible…Is it not possible that all your problems have been solved, but you have removed yourself from the solution? Yet faith must be where something has been done, and where you see it done.

The second key to success in 2016 is to embrace impermanence and to avoid the attachments and disappointments that arise with expectations.  The T-Square challenges us to integrate disparate elements and us masters of mutability will allow the flow to guide us where Spirit wills in the year ahead.  We cannot allow ourselves to suffer frustration as apparent realities evaporate before eyes, for this process will fuel both the imagination and the heart of the philosopher-poet—the archetype which carries the torch in 2016.  What do you truly believe and how do you pulse that truth every day?  What is your mantra that begins your morning and carries you through the mad and mysterious tides of our shapeshift existence?

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