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The 5 Types and their Strategies

One of the foundations of Human Design is the component called “Type.”  Depending on which centers are defined or not, a certain Type of energy emerges.  Each of us is one of five possible types.  These Types also have very specific Strategies for making decisions in life.  The five Types are broken up into the following: Manifestor, Generator, Manifesting Generator, Projector, and Reflector.

Before exploring the five Types in detail, I would like to explain some hesitancies which may naturally arise when using words such as “type” to describe people.  When I first came across Type, I felt sceptikal because of the tendency for people to label and try to box themselves or others.  Astrologers see this constantly when people refer to themselves as “a Gemini” or “a Leo” and believe their Sun sign is their identity.  Yet, we all began astrology with the intrigue of Sun signs, and as we studied more, we realized the elegant complexity of astrology.  Human Design works similarly.  Types, although more insightful and instructive than Sun signs, are a necessary starting point to begin one’s experiment with living one’s design.  Type, Strategy, and Authority are the reference points for all other factors in one’s bodygraph.

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Projectors represent about %20 of the population.  Projectors do not have any motor centers defined, nor do they have the Sacral Center defined.  Thus, access to the life force energy is really determined by a Projector’s engagement with Generators and Manifesting Generators.  Since they do not have the Sacral fuel, Projectors are not designed to “work” at the same pace or consistency as the generating types.  Rather, Projectors are built to study, be informed, and create, which gives them the tools and intelligence to guide and direct the generating types.

The Projector strategy is “to wait to be invited” in order to make key decisions in life, such as choices referring to career, relationship, or locations in which to live. When they are invited, then Projectors will be given access to their necessary energetic resources from those who invite them.

For instance, in the realms of work, Projectors often make wonderful counselors, coaches, or teachers because the Projectors knows that they have studied, that they are equipped to guide others. There is a certain ambition in Projectors to be seen for their gifts, not necessarily for their own ego fulfillment, but because their wisdom will actually aid the efficient and appropriate use of energy in those around them.  Thus, the Projector may wish to travel and teach or lecture on their given area of expertise. But if they try to force their counsel or even their creative gifts onto a group of people or individual, it will often be rejected or ignored. Projector advice must be requested in order to actually be received by the other.  Projector art must be appreciated in order to be recognized by a community or audience. 

Thus, Projectors must patiently learn, study, and create in an unconditional way, doing what they love without huge expectations. They can let people know about what they are studying, teaching, or creating, and then naturally, the wise and focused aura of the Projector will become obvious and attractive to the Generators and Manifesting Generators seeking guidance.  In this way, projectors are designed to get noticed.

Growing up, projectors need to be recognized as having special gifts and talents. These can be offered through special artistic education and through a keen and consistent sense of acknowledgment from parents and educators.

In relationships, projectors often approach relationships though the lense of a spiritual language, such as astrology. They are not designed to go out and “make” a relationship happen or try to continuously date. They live by the motto of following their own passions and heart, and that the “right person will come along if I continue to follow my own bliss.”

Rest and recuperation is essential for Projectors. They can not function at the same pace as the generating types and can be overwhelmed at times if living with a generating type or spending excessive amounts of time in highly energized environments, such as group housing or in the downtowns of cities.

What makes Projectors even more unique and helpful as counselors, coaches, managers, and guides for others, is that they have the widest range of possible authority. There can be Projectors who have Emotional, Splenic, Ego, or Self Authority. This means that this population empathically connects with many segments of society, which assists Projectors in guiding the other types into deeper self-awareness and healthier decision-making.

Barack Obama, seen above, is an Emotional Projector with only two centers defined.  Thus, he is a very open and permeable being, who must get away from his cabinet members, his wife, and all other stresses to allow his emotions enough time to settle and find clarity before making a key decision.

He can not only be influenced and conditioned by others but he is easily projected upon by others, as the voice of a community, or as a scapegoat. This is perhaps why he does not take a rigid stand on too many issues. If he did, it would likely due to the conditioning of others around him. Politicians who are more obstinate in their opinions and perspectives often have much more definition in their chart.

Other Projectors include J. Krishnamurti (Emotional) actor Brad Pitt (Splenic), psychological astrologer Liz Greene (Mental), singer Peter Gabriel (Mental), and Bob Marley (Self/G-Center)


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