New Moon Leo – July 31, 2019

Just as August first cusps, we enter not only a New Moon Portal, but Mercury finally going direct. The New Moon occurs at 8 Leo July 31st 11:12 pm EST, and both god and goddess Venus and Mars celebrate a lot more as they occupy Leo.

The Sabian Symbol for this New Moon at 9 Leo evokes the power of the creative process: “Glass Blowers Shape Beautiful Forms with their Controlled.” This symbol invites us to open our hearts to receive the creative muse in all her forms—to build a relationship with our ‘genius,’ or ‘daimon,’ the Roman and Greek words respectively for the part of our soul that creates through us. To receive our innate talents from this fountain, we must learn to be fully embodied, to BREATHE – to practice conscious breathwork through Pranayama, Yoga, Meditation, Breathwork Healing, and Qi Gong – check the Leo movement in my Zodiac Qi Gong course here.

And watch Eat, Pray, Love’s author Elizabeth Gilbert on TEDX discuss the power of unleashing our creativity without getting overidentified with it here.

With Mercury going direct August 1, we must examine what we’ve learned over the last few weeks about our Leo creative impulses and direction, our romantic sensibilities, and our capacity for leadership. Mercury in Cancer asked us to cleanse both our emotional reactivity and our physical bodies through how we nourish ourselves. Mercury at 23 Cancer changes direction within two degrees of the recent Lunar Eclipse in Capricorn, thus highlighting the themes of the eclipses, notably the see-saw effect of needs and ancestral forgiveness/wisdom with family, in delicate balance with the ambitious push towards our professional and business success.

The next two weeks are more auspicious for launching major projects, making large purchases, signing contracts, and beginning significant correspondences.

With this New Moon, Uranus squares Venus, bringing both disruption, a need for freedom, and some innovative experimentation into relations, creativity, and how we earn resources. Fortunately, Chiron is trine Venus and can offer healing and levels of shamanic insight in these Venusian realms.

Note that Mars stays conjunct asteroid of committed partnership and soul-level relating Juno over the next week, which could bring friction with that significant partner, emphasizing the freedom theme. Yet, in the sign of Leo, we may learn how to motivate more exciting recreation together. Remember to acknowledge the special gifts of your partner at this time, their unique magic. Wrestle, Romp, Laugh, Roll around on the Grass.

August Key Dates

11 – Is the same day Uranus turns retrograde at 6 Taurus, to heighten the electrical tension, and Jupiter turns forward at 14 Sagittarius. Note any planets within 5 degrees of a square to these planetary direction shifts, as they will experience the radical Uranian change and epiphanies, and the Jupiterian expansion, abundance, and enhanced faith.

12-15 – peak of Perseid Meteor Showers, the best of the year, but visibility hampered by the Full Moon

15 – Aquarius Full Moon

24 – Mars and Venus play together in Leo – expect some rambunctious passion and creative sparks in the week leading up to and following this sexy conjunction. It’s a great time to ignite more romance and have more fun sexually.***

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