Scorpio Mercury Retrograde – Halloween’s Phoenix Flame

The week begins with the spirit of last Sunday’s New Moon in Scorpio, inviting us to sip the alchemical fires of soul transformation – the study of the esoteric and occult, personal therapy, past life regression, healing of trauma, and sacred sexuality all benefit now, especially with Goddess Venus also in Scorpio.

What house does Scorpio transform in your chart? This area of life undergoes not only a seed-planting and an intention for growth and evolution, but six months from now, when the Full Moon is in Scorpio, what you cultivate now in this astrological house will reach its culmination—the ripening of the fruit.

This same House is where Mercury will be journeying and bringing mental clarification and penetrating insight through his three-week Retrograde from Halloween Oct 31, to Nov 20th, from 27 back to 16 Scorpio.

So how do we master the shadow? How do we spar with the Scorpion’s stinger?

In 2 weeks, for November’s Full Moon, I invite you to join the special Shamanic Breakthrough Webinar: Pluto, Scorpio, and Shadow Mastery. This class will offer specific guided practices in Past Life Induction, Shamanic Drum Journeying, Active Dreamwork, and navigating the 8 Fears of the Human Design Spleen center, in addition to learning about the soul-work of your Generation and how to harmonize with the forces of the Underworld—especially Pluto and the power of the Unconscious. Learn more and join us here.

Remember that the Phoenix rises from its own ashes. A Scorpio Mercury Retrograde, New Moon, and Venus catalyze the confrontation with the dark parts of our soul, the parts which hold the secret key to our awakening. As the negative emotions, the reactive tendencies, the paranoid suspicions, or self-sabotaging behaviors arise, we offer all the shadow up to the Scorpio Dark Goddess—to Kali, to Pele, to Innana, to Lillith—to transmute and empower us through sword-like Awareness.

In the Tantric texts as well as the Bhagavad-Gita, the word ‘yajna’ – sacrifice—is a core, repeating concept. Every moment of our life is a sacrifice that we perform in the direction of a higher fulfillment, and a sacrifice is therefore a gain and not a loss Whether we offer a gift, a creation, the food we eat, an irritation,or a challenging situation, the act of offering, of sacrificing to the most high, connects us with the divinity within. For to sacrifice means “to make sacred.” In the Gita, Krishna instructs Arjuna: if one offers to Me with devotion a leaf, a flower, a fruit, or even water, I delightfully partake of that article offered with love by My devotee in pure consciousness.”

In Karma Yoga, in the act of devotion, what one truly sacrifices is the idea that I am separate from my Source. So offer your ‘shadow,’ in whatever form it arises, during this week’s Day of the Dead, as the veil thins. Honor the ancestors, cleanse the genetic storylines, and empower yourself through naked vulnerability. Dance in your flame, and let your spirit soar on your Phoenix wing.


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