Mystic Medicine – Pisces Soular Eclipse

In my new course Evolve Intimacy with Love Languages, we explore how the five primary love languages correspond to the astrological archetypes. This Sunday’s super new moon Solar Eclipse activates the mystical Pisces part of our souls.  In love, Pisces appreciates the love language of Acts of Service, since the beauty of Pisces is the ability to dissolve its ego to reunite with others. Also, because of its desire and innate ability to dissolve boundaries, Touch is a natural and essential love language for Pisces. Through touch, Pisces not only merges body, but also mind, spirit, and soul.

At 8 degrees of Pisces, this Eclipse also conjoins Mercury, further opening the fount of spiritual awakening, as we channel our divinely inspired creativity, meditative union with our Source, and enhanced ability to lucidly dream and receive messages from guides and our higher selves.

But Pisces must watch its shadow of escapism, substance abuse, playing the victim, and projection. With Pisces and Aries both strongly activated in the skies, we should beware of shooting psychological arrows to attack each other as Pisces releases the defenses in tidal waves of emotion.

The Sabian Symbol for this Solar Eclipse further hints at our new moon intentions now: “The race begins, intent on outdistancing his rivals, a jockey spurns his horse to a great speed.” Decide what you’re going to do, and move without hesitation towards those goals. It seems that the genetic strategy of Human Design Manifestor types may be appropriate for all of us now: Inform others before you act, because your impulsive behavior will ripple in consequence.

In my coaching, I love sharing sabian symbols with my clients since they are images and wonderful aspects of your charts to study during a Pisces eclipse as they tune your right brain to the wisdom of the zodiac.

This sabian symbol really connects us to another strong configuration in the sky, both the goddess and the god, Venus and Mars, in passionate powerhouse Aries. Uranus gives an electric bolt and epiphanous breakthrough to Mars if we don’t let the volatile reactivity overwhelm us. As irritable and fiery with friction as this combination can be, Mars-Uranus can also express as entrepreneurial kickstart, helping to initiate an authentic action plan towards our individual evolution. As a love language, Aries energy appreciates Quality Time, especially when it comes to the sexual experimentation and adventurous activation of intuitive flashes.

For this Solar Eclipse, it is time to focus on our goals, open hearts to Spirit’s guidance, and allow Victory to be accomplished through us.

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