SuperMoon Blue Moon Blood Moon!! Leo Lunar ECLIPSE

One of the most spectacular Full Moons of our lives occurs this week: A SuperBlueBlood Moon!


The phrase, “once in a blue moon”, refers to the rarity of having two Full Moons in a month. This Blue Moon will also be a SuperMoon because it is perigree, which refers to the moon’s closest approach to Earth in a single orbit—its diameter will appear about 7 percent larger and 14 percent brighter than usual. And of course the Blood Moon refers to the awe-inspiring Lunar Eclipse, when the moon appears to darken as it moves into Earth’s shadow, the umbra. The sunlight that makes it around Earth passes through our atmosphere and is refracted toward the Moon. Blue light is filtered out, making the moon appear red.

The Total Eclipse phenomenon will be visible all over the world in all of the U.S., strongest in Hawaii and Alaska.  Set your alarm and get out early on Wednesday morning. The Moonset is determining how long the Eclipse will be visible for.  In Mountain time zone, the Partial Eclipse begins at 4:48 am., Total begins at 5:51, Maximum at 6:29, and ending at 7:07.

You can find all the details HERE of exact timing in your area for the Eclipse which will last a few hours,

To watch the event online from NASA, visit: here


We experience a Total Lunar Eclipse as the most powerful Full Moon of the year, thus energy is coming to fulfillment and resolution, karmic fruit is ripening and needs to be released to make space in our lives for new cycles of growth. As with all Full Moons, emotions can be more dramatic and undulating, especially since eclipses mark the transition phases from one stage of our collective and personal evolution into the next. Often cycles of relationship, career, home, and life focus come to a close, as others receive a fresh blessing and blossoming. Eclipses affect an individual more if they impact a specific planet or angle in your chart.

In my Eclipse and Nodes – Karmic Astrology Teleclass FEB. 7th, we will explore how these eclipses impact your chart directly, in addition to a deep exploration of the symbols of karma, reincarnation, and dharma – the Lunar Nodes. Sign up here.

However, eclipses play out on the global scale consistently, affecting nations and world events. Intriguingly, the Winter Olympics begin right in the middle of these eclipses on February 9, and in a current political hotspot of the world, in South Korea, just beneath North Korea. The Leo Lunar Eclipse impacts Donald Trump’s chart, almost directly hitting his Pluto, while Feb. 15th’s solar eclipse lands on Trump’s Descendant, in Aquarius. In the weeks during, preceding, and following these eclipses, we should see some more shadow material rising, likely lies, secrets, manipulations, abuse of power and wealth.

Wednesday’s Leo Eclipse at 11 degrees of Leo highlights our need to share and express more freely in the spotlight, on stage, the Artist-as-Leader, a time to create and play with both child-like excitement and innocent self-discovery.


The feminine archetypes are dancing ecstatically for this Eclipse. Both VENUS, values, affections, and attractions, and asteroid of commitment and soul-contracts JUNO are conjunct the South Node and the Sun in Aquarius, and are opposite the two maternal astrological symbols The MOON and CERES – earth mother, and goddess of nurturing, belonging, fertility, and the necessary, seasonal cycles of loss and return.

Thus, this Moon should strongly highlight all relationships with our Mothers and matrilineal line, an ideal time to dive into ancestry, family constellation work, or rebirthing / birth trauma exploration. Also, with so many relational energies in Aquarius, we seek more personal freedom, authentic self-expression, sexual and relational experimentation, and a focus of energy towards community evolution and cosmic tribe inclusion. (Learn more about Aquarian Venus in my Relationship Success course)

Enjoy this rare astronomical event, and allow full surrender to the tidal emotional cleansing and creative explosion of this SuperBlueBlood Moon!

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